Letting the nice guy go

27 11 2014

My gosh it has been a while! It’s been a crazy year with more down’s than up’s for me, but I definitely miss being on here. And while I would like to come back with a positive attitude and fuzzy topic to chat about, what brought me back to the blogosphere is this article I came across and I had this urge to speak up. With 524k of sharing done, it’s about a nice guy who wrote a letter to a girl who hurt him. Here is the link: An Open Letter To The Girl Who Let The Nice Guy Go

You know what I realized after reading his letter? This guy definitely speaks very highly of himself. I’m sorry, this is to the girl who walked out on the best thing that ever happened to her” ??? If she wanted to walk out on you, she probably knew you weren’t right for her. Not to say that you’re not a nice guy, but maybe you guys just weren’t compatible.

“Still, he didn’t give up and every time you pushed harder, he pulled you in even more.”

Ding ding ding, warning sign anyone?? If she pushed you away, isn’t that where you should take a hint that whatever you guys have is not what she’s looking for? This is what bugs me with some of the guys. If the girl was being upfront with what she wanted, shouldn’t you know what you are signing up for? Don’t filter what you don’t like and assume that just because she is spending time with you, that all of a sudden you guys are on the same page. Fighting for her doesn’t make you a hero, or the romantic one.

“Then you walked away because he was too nice.”

Are you sure it was because you were too nice…. Has it ever occurred to you that it might actually be something else?

What I have realized dating nice guys is that they hide behind this “nice guy” title. I love that you’re a nice guy, that’s probably why I was attracted to you in the first place, and probably why I stayed with you for however long, but it sure as hell not why I’m leaving you. Being a nice guy doesn’t guarantee you get “love” right on your first try. And just like how you hide behind the title, we probably overlook a lot of things just because you’re the nice one. Oh you are not the smartest tool in the shed? That’s okay because you’re so nice. Hmm, you would rather stay home and read instead of getting to know my friends? That’s okay, your niceness makes up for it. Oh you want to be a busboy for the rest of your life? That’s alright, since you treat me so well. I know this is the reason why my relationship with nice guys went south.

Because of the stupid saying “nice guys finish last”, these self proclaimed nice guys just blame us girls when they fail at relationships. They think that because they are “nice”, they are never in the wrong, that something is obviously wrong with us for not wanting to be with them. Well guess what, sometimes nice just isn’t enough. That doesn’t mean we prefer assholes, it just means that you weren’t the peanut butter to my jam.


22 05 2014

It is a glorious mix of art and science.  You see something you like, you snap a pic of it, filter the hell out of it, and share it with the world. I absolutely love it. I’m a visual person to begin with, and I enjoy seeing what my friends and random people are loving about life. But let me disclose with you my weird obsession –  there’s a few accounts that I follow religiously, without actually following them.

….I know, why in the world………………..?

Oh a couple of small reasons, really. I used to follow a few of them, and I started liking them less. Some people get carried away with the HASHTAG INSTAFAME, and I became heavily critical, and almost disapproved what they were posting even though no one was asking for my opinions. The “relationship” turned south quickly, so I stopped.  I didn’t want to start disliking what I used to like.

So to make up for being an unofficial follower, here’s a quick shout out to some of my secret crushes *shhhhhh*:

@sjanaelise – beautiful soul inside and out from Australia. Her views about life just brightens up anyone’s day.

@sweatyandfit – a gorgeous fitspiration of mine. She is so cute, yet so grounded and hardworking. Her workouts are badass!

@taramilktea – a media student who doodles other inspiring instagrammers! One of these days I’m going to find the guts to ask her to doodle meeee!


Walking off chocolate.

29 04 2014

It’s a beautiful day here in my city!

photo 2

I had a few errands to run today, and decided that my mean of transportation for the day was going to be my two feet. So off I went, with my pedometer. And holy crap, I just walked 7.8 km !!!!!! I know right, how do I have so much time on my hands haha.

But no pats on the back for me, because I also gave in to my temptation… Have you guys seen these fun chocolate yet? We are spoiled for choices!

photo 1

photo 3


As you could tell, I couldn’t keep my hands off of not one, but two of the Dairy Milk’s already. Caramel popcorn one was different..in a good way, it was quite enjoyable. But then I tried the pretzel and peanut butter one and I don’t think I will ever be buying caramel popcorn again! The pretzel and peanut butter was just a good mix of salty and sweet and crunch, I had the hardest time putting it down. And I don’t usually like milk chocolate! The Lindt ones were no brainer, awesome stuff, and I’m just ecstatic as a dark chocolate eater that they are giving us so many options now.

Boy, I’m still in awe about my 7.8 km walk.. Now I have to keep breaking my own record. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Health Diary.

15 04 2014

Yes, I like to stay active, but more than that, I like to eat.

I have surprised way too many people with how much I can eat, and they wonder how I stay in shape. Girllllll, obviously I work for this body, those calories ain’t gonna burn themselves! But then sometimes I even scare myself with how much I can eat… And one way of controlling my cravings, I have realized, is to let the whole world know what a little piggy I can be. Let the world judge, and that is how I’m going to control myself!

Open grilled cheese (half a whole wheat triangular Ciabatta with shredded marble cheddar)

Three kiwis

Four Oreo’s (the 30% less fat kind!)
A handful of black and white kettle corn

Two cups of Edamame
Half a pork chop

Now, these aren’t so bad right? Well, it’s because I told myself I was going to broadcast what I ate today so I kept my snacking to an absolute minimum. Also, we need to go get groceries so badly, we have nothing left in our fridge……

Give it a try, you’ll be surprised how exposing your eating habit can do for you!

**I also started wearing a pedometer so I can keep track of how much I’m moving. Yesterday, I did about 13,500 steps. This included 90 mins in the gym though (60 min cardio + arms and abs work).

Hello hello!

3 04 2014

It has been a while! If you are reading this, thank you thank you thank you for still taking the time to give this lil blogger a chance. Don’t let me bore you with why I was missing in action, I am just glad to be back here and having a platform to write again.

So excited I don’t even know where to start! What have I been up to…

Last thing I ate:
Home made mini apple muffin, an oldie but a goodie recipe that I shared with you guys back in 2012! Speaking of which, clearly I am not on my wheat free diet anymore. I did use whole wheat to bake it though…

Last thing I watched:
The Voice ! Used to not get what the hype is all about, b ut now I am a fan! My favourite part is the relationship between the coaches – love love love them. Oh and whenever they steal.

Last time I ran:
Happy to share that it was only yesterday. And in about an hour, I am off to my gym for EPOC workout. I will be posting more about this EPOC workout shortly so stay tune !!

Last time I cooked:
Do salad and grilled cheese count as cooking? They were damn good though, I made pesto grilled cheese yesterday, and kale salad with honey balsamic vinaigrette yesterday – with boiled egg for extra protein!

My one last news:

photo 4

Hell to the yes, I am wedding dress shopping! So please expect a lot of wedding posts in the next few months!

So good to be back, and looking forward to reconnecting with you all.