Letting the nice guy go

27 11 2014

My gosh it has been a while! It’s been a crazy year with more down’s than up’s for me, but I definitely miss being on here. And while I would like to come back with a positive attitude and fuzzy topic to chat about, what brought me back to the blogosphere is this article I came across and I had this urge to speak up. With 524k of sharing done, it’s about a nice guy who wrote a letter to a girl who hurt him. Here is the link: An Open Letter To The Girl Who Let The Nice Guy Go

You know what I realized after reading his letter? This guy definitely speaks very highly of himself. I’m sorry, this is to the girl who walked out on the best thing that ever happened to her” ??? If she wanted to walk out on you, she probably knew you weren’t right for her. Not to say that you’re not a nice guy, but maybe you guys just weren’t compatible.

“Still, he didn’t give up and every time you pushed harder, he pulled you in even more.”

Ding ding ding, warning sign anyone?? If she pushed you away, isn’t that where you should take a hint that whatever you guys have is not what she’s looking for? This is what bugs me with some of the guys. If the girl was being upfront with what she wanted, shouldn’t you know what you are signing up for? Don’t filter what you don’t like and assume that just because she is spending time with you, that all of a sudden you guys are on the same page. Fighting for her doesn’t make you a hero, or the romantic one.

“Then you walked away because he was too nice.”

Are you sure it was because you were too nice…. Has it ever occurred to you that it might actually be something else?

What I have realized dating nice guys is that they hide behind this “nice guy” title. I love that you’re a nice guy, that’s probably why I was attracted to you in the first place, and probably why I stayed with you for however long, but it sure as hell not why I’m leaving you. Being a nice guy doesn’t guarantee you get “love” right on your first try. And just like how you hide behind the title, we probably overlook a lot of things just because you’re the nice one. Oh you are not the smartest tool in the shed? That’s okay because you’re so nice. Hmm, you would rather stay home and read instead of getting to know my friends? That’s okay, your niceness makes up for it. Oh you want to be a busboy for the rest of your life? That’s alright, since you treat me so well. I know this is the reason why my relationship with nice guys went south.

Because of the stupid saying “nice guys finish last”, these self proclaimed nice guys just blame us girls when they fail at relationships. They think that because they are “nice”, they are never in the wrong, that something is obviously wrong with us for not wanting to be with them. Well guess what, sometimes nice just isn’t enough. That doesn’t mean we prefer assholes, it just means that you weren’t the peanut butter to my jam.


I won’t cry for you,

21 04 2013

from instagram

Let me make you a promise..

23 02 2013


Okay, I guess it is a promise more to myself, but I need someone to keep me accountable.

Deadline? March 20th! Seriously, I am reaching mid twenty and I have never known such dysfunctional relationship in my life… This must be what middle school kids go through. And maybe Taylor Swift, so this is fitting.

My month in meme.

10 11 2012

Boy meets girl.

First Friday: two drinks after work. I go home feeling like I made a new friend.

(whatttt, making new friends is awesome!)

Second Friday: I was away on a business trip. First text from him, he tells me not to miss him too much. Two days later I get another text from him late at night (he was clearly intoxicated), he told me he misses me more than he should. Irrelevant, but it was a pretty damn good business trip.

Third Friday: attends a function as his date with an open bar. May or may not have become more than friends.

This week: me trying to talk some sense in to they guy. Let’s be a buddy, let’s be friends, let me be anything but your girlfriend.

It’s too late, he said, I already fell for you, he said.

….but it’s only been like a month………

All jokes aside he’s an amazing guy, very attractive, and definitely someone I would hate to lose. Does “falling” actually mean falling in love??? Urban dictionary time…


27 09 2011

I know I haven’t said it lately but I just wanted to let you know this is still how I feel. 

This just about made me cry.

Shopping dilemma.

26 09 2011

I was out shopping yesterday and fell in love.  With this baby.

Well, not exactly this one, but a lot like it. It was a little softer, more elegant, and SO comfortable. BUT IT WAS HELLA EXPENSIVE!! It costed double of what I usually pay for my shoes, sigh. My sister convinced me not to get it, but I just can’t seem to forget about it!! To buy or not to buy..

PS. can i even run in this?



Perfect Lover.

11 08 2011

..is the meaning of tulips. Did you know that each flower comes with a hidden meaning, and even their numbers have significant meanings?? My girly side has always been attracted to those, so when I give flowers to people, I secretly pick ones with the suitable meanings for the occasion.

For my parents’ anniversary, I got them two roses; one white, one red. The white one means “I am worthy of you”, red, of course means love. But when these two are presented together, it means love everlasting. I am such a romantic, haha.

For valentine’s this year, I was given two bouquets of red roses, and I knew for a fact that it was just because the flower shop made a mistake, but I looked up the meanings of it anyways.

The first bouquet, the one he actually intended to give me was a dozen red roses. Its meaning? Be my steady. The second bouquet, had six red roses. Its meaning? I wanna be yours. I sure was the luckiest girl that night. Although secretly, I wished he asked the florist to put the two bouquets together just so it looks grander haha. And if you’re wandering the meaning of 18 roses, I don’t know either. Ok, I lied, I just looked it up but I’m not going to say because it’s not romantic :]

So, tulips.. I was actually going to post about my brand new tulip skirt haha! Finally got it, I’ve been looking for one for a while. But now I need to get something to go with it.. I’m thinking bright coloured tops? Any other ideas?

And to go back to the flowers’ topic, I actually got my date for valentine’s (who eventually became my boyfriend) to check out the meanings of it. He looked them up, and said “I was pretty spot on!”. How did I let him get away..?