Little things in life.

30 04 2012

It’s one of those days for me where I welcome all sorts of positive distractions and any form of pick me upper. I feel like if I even have a moment to realize all the things that could go wrong in the next few days, I am going to go crazy. I’m so sick of hearing bad news…

It’s days like these that you splurge for yourself, and surround yourself with all things beautiful.

I loved waking up to the rain this morning. The smell, the sound of raindrops, and the subtle wind, in a weird way it’s almost like cuddling up to a big comfortable couch.

What better day than today to break in to my brand new trench coat from Burberry Blue Label? Although one could only wish to look this good in it. Too bad I had to pair it with my gumdrop boots.

My nails are of course in the prettiest shade of the rainbow. And get bold girls, the nails are getting only more colourful this Spring and Summer!

Cherry blossoms, so pretty even in the rain.

The only thing missing… Treats! Currently trying to fight my temptation of either going for a cupcake run or popchips run.

I have also ran in to vegetable chips that I’ve been dying to try, but they are oh so pricey.

Green tea, please work your magic on me!


Wheat Free Journey Part III.

25 04 2012

I feel like it’s been a while since I posted on my wheat free journey, so I thought I would update you guys a little.  But let me remind you that I am still camera-less so you have to bare with my over the top descriptions and some internet pictures!

So for the most part, avoiding wheat hasn’t been too too hard, except for one of those  ridiculous craving times. These are some of the unsung accessories to my wheat free meals that has been making the journey more bearable for me. After all, the secret to having a successful diet is to enjoy what you can eat!

Creamy poppy seed salad dressing. I don’t actually remember the brand that we use at home, but I’m sure it’s not hard to find in your local grocery store. It’s the type of dressing that is on the sweet side, but not overwhelming, and definitely not greasy despite its creaminess. I’ve always enjoyed salad but never quite enough to look forward to it, until I discovered this one!  The key to making your salad more enjoyable is to have plenty of stuff in it. My favourite bowl includes the usual greens, corn, cucumber (they really make a difference), some type of meat for that extra protein (bacon, chopped steak, shredded chicken, everything goes!), and sliced hard boiled egg. They really are quite delicious.  And filling! My other go to salad dressing? Japanese style sesame dressing, and sweet onion dressing.  My mom used to make her own dressing which was delicious too.. I should ask her for the recipe. Feel free to share yours too!

This is possibly the best BBQ sauce in the world. I don’t know who Diana is, but hats off to her because this will simply be the star of any barbecues I host this summer. She has a lot of products though, from sauces to marinades to gravies, and I can’t vouch for all of them, but this one, divine. Make sure it is Gourmet Original though, with its orangey colour. While other ones are good, this one’s my favourite. It’s on the sweeter side, which is what I prefer in my BBQ sauce. If you prefer the smokey rich tangy flavour, you might want to try the western smokehouse, which is darker in colour and in flavour. My other favourite store-bought marinade? Sweet ginger teriyaki!

When it comes to healthy, wheat free cooking, I find myself turning to Oriental cuisine quite a bit, because of their rice based meals which means wheat free! Most Asian restaurants that I know use a ton of oyster sauce as their basic seasoning, but since my dear mother discovered the vegetarian oyster sauce, I never went back to the oyster-oyster sauce. I prefer the vegetarian kind (or mushroom sauce, I think they are called) because of their milder flavour, with no hint of fishiness, even though this might all just be in my imagination. I just prefer its taste, and I think it’s healthier too. For stir fries, this really is all I need and since I have introduced this to my man, this is now a staple at our home. I stay away from soy sauce when it comes to stir fries just because it has too much tang in it in my opinion. I like the falvour of Hoi Sin sauce though, but do any of you know if it makes good stir fry?

Potatoes make very filling and nutritious meal while being extremely easy on your budget. You can bake them, boil them, tot them, mash them, the opportunities are endless and they somehow end up delicious no matter what you do with them. How I’ve been handling them lately is saute them lightly with olive oil and butter, then season it with salt, pepper and some herbs and spices (or you can just use those store bought mixed seasoning) and then bake them in the oven for that extra crisp edges. For those days that I need extra creaminess to it, I go easy on the seasoning but add a few scoops of white pasta sauce (yes, Classico Alfredo sauce IS wheat free!) to it before baking, and voila, a comforting meal so quickly and easily!

Magic drink, green tea! No extra calories, but a boost of energy and lots of antioxidants! It helps with your metabolism, and lowers cholestoral. I’m a little worried about its caffeine content though because I pretty much drink it like water…

Here are some other ideas that are on the top of my to-do list! And yes, they could be wheat free!

Meatloaf stuffed baked potatoes.

Why cupcake pans are essential to your home. You can even make it healthier by adding vegetables in it, and wheat free by substituting the pastry with potato perhaps? Or cut the carbs altogether and have eggs as the base? Perfect for portion control too!

Any Harry Potter fans here?

1. Melt the butter and sugar together to make caramel.
2. Add milk, vanilla, and cinnamon to stir and combine.
3. Bring mixture to a boil and pour in to a mug.

I think I would actually add coffee in to this though, sounds terribly sweet. But where is the ‘beer’ in this?

Sh*t you SHOULDN’T say to people when they’re upset.

17 04 2012

“Everything happens for a reason.”

“It’s just not meant to be.”

“Trust God, he has it all planned out for you.”

Or any other cliche stuff, stfu. For one, if I’m upset about something, the last thing I want to hear is that there is nothing I can do about the situation. That is the excuse of the weak, of the lazy, or of the loser, who just admits defeat. You are basically telling me to accept it because this is what the higher power planned for me? Screw that. You are basically telling me to give up! AND FOR TWO, come up with something more original please, is my sorrow not worth you thinking of something heartfelt to say? Oh and three, don’t bring God in to this.

For the record, yes, I do believe that in some cases, accepting it might be the best way to handle it, but that is not always the solution. I want to believe that hard work really can get you somewhere, and that your attitude and action really can make a difference.

“Aw. But at least your problem is not as bad as mine.”

EFF YOU. (I know, I sound really angry in this post huh.. But seriously imagine someone saying this to you?) Don’t EVER say this… SO wrong on SO many levels! Don’t ever think that you’re having it harder than everyone else, you have no idea what is going on in their lives. Believe it or not, one of my closest friends said this to me and it was just heartbreaking. Similarly, “I totally know how you feel. When blah blah blah happened to me…” is also bad. Don’t make this about you.

“You’ll get over it.”

No, you don’t know that, because some things, you really will never get over. Don’t say something you don’t know for sure.

“No one said that life was fair.”

Way to kick a girl when she’s down.

You know what are some of the safer alternatives?

“I am here for you, whatever you need.” 

By focusing on the support you can give them is a good way to remind them that they have you, without being overbearing. And because it’s something you can do for them, as opposed to you trying to make them believe in something, or act in certain ways. “Do you want a hug?” is also good.

“It will get better.” 

And it will, though it’s important they know that by “it”, you mean  “life”, and not necessarily this particular situation.. When things get bad, you always feel that you can’t get back up, but life will not always be bad. The sad news is it will not always be good, but at least you’ll have your happy moments.

Other than that, helping them focus on the positives, or to temporarily get their minds off it is always good.

On a personal note, my camera just broke! Which means no more of my personal photos in cooking/baking/fashion for a while. I’ve been using my phone to capture shots lately but I don’t know how good it will be uploaded here..

Springing Colours.

12 04 2012

Tights and leggings are my absolute must-haves for three out of four seasons of the year. While I play around with patterned tights during winter, for the fall and spring season I like to get a little bolder and play around with the colours a bit. Such a great way to experiment with colours without having to make big purchases!

I’m personally more drawn to the darker shades though. While I would wear anything from pink to green, I stay away from neon, and even primary colour. I want the colours to be there, but I don’t want them overpowering the whole look. Here are some of my favourite looks:

I need more of these super short flowy long sleeve dresses!!!!!!! Such an elegant, yet sexy look. Where can I find more of these… When wearing my coloured tights, I try to keep everything else fairly neutral just so the whole look flows without looking too matchy matchy, as Olivia Palermo once called it.

Coloured Tights II.

What I love about tights is that it classes up any look. When it comes to wearing coloured tights, all you have to remember is not to let the colour stand alone. It doesn’t even have to be the exact same shade, and it can be something as little as your nail polish! What I still have yet to try though, is wearing printed items with coloured tights! I saw Blair do it on Gossip Girl last episode (It Girl, Interrupted) and thought it looked so great! I don’t know if I would match my shoes to my tights though.

What are your must-have items this spring?

Today’s Look 2.0

5 04 2012

I’m actually surprised I found an image that is so fitting! So this is what I’m currently wearing:

– black tights
– black shorts
– white men’s American Apparel V-neck t-shirt (I went through a phase where I loved them so much I have them in 4 colours)
– black ankle booties
– black Nine West bag
– black coat
– and of course, a pop of colour with my statement ring and gold necklace!

 ..while munching on this all morning:


I love the pairing of chocolate with berries, and the crunch makes a whole world of difference. I’ve been eyeing to try them for a  while and now it’s on sale! Must stock them up before the sale ends.  It was hard to rip the bag open though, so much so that I actually had to ask some random stranger to borrow a pair of scissors..  But totally worth it!

Enjoy the long weekend everybody!

Let’s Start a Trend.

3 04 2012

Disclaimer: Please ignore this post if you are one of my wheat free jouney supporters! I will disappoint you….

We had a box of cookies at home, because I insisted I need them in order to clean the apartment. So not only was my significant other sweet enough to oblige, he actually let me pick what kind of cookies, because I said no to his choice of macadamia white chocolate. Now, he is usually very health conscious but who can say no to triple chocolate cookies, right?

Seriously, how can you just have one of these.. Anyways, to avoid overeating, he told me to hide the whole thing. So I did. Where would you hide a box of cookies?

The next day, as I stress out about life or slow internet connection, or something along that line, I got a text at 5:18pm, copied below:

“So I found the cookies…. And almost burned down the apartment.”


On a different note, don’t you just love getting your birthday present a month late? It’s like your birthday lasts longer. This is the newest addition to my closet:

Cute, right? One of the great things about having your friend shop for you is that they pick something you wouldn’t pick yourself, but still something that looks amazing on you. Added bonus here is that the straps are removable so no tan line!

My dear friend actually called me few weeks ago asking for my bra size to make sure the top fits. The sad part though is that the bottom doesn’t exactly fit quite nicely! Her exact words were “I wasn’t sure if your ass was as nice as mine, but I got them in my size anyways!” which is a double sting because it actually means that her butt is nicer than mine… And of course I can’t exchange them. Here’s to wearing loose bikini bottom this summer! Let’s start a trend.