Before the leaves fall.

30 09 2012

If you had ask me two days ago what is my fall colour this year, chances are I would have said white.

I’ve gotten some really really good news last week, but I also had my share of failures. I thought there was no better time than now to go on a retail therapy to lick my wounds but also to reward myself, so off I go, to restock my closet. While I would love to share with you each and everyone of my purchases, I thought I would first dedicate a post to the colour that stole my heart away yesterday. Any guesses?

What is your colour this season?


What’s in a name?

28 09 2012

Whose name would you put on a name ring?

Your own? Your significant other’s? Your parents’? Your children’s? Or simply your favourite word?

Just an initial ring is just as cute, in my opinion.

Whenever picking monogrammed goods, I have always been drawn more to the first letter of my last name instead of my first name. For one, it is extremely hard to find the letter, and for two, it’s not the prettiest of the bunch.. If you face a similar issue, you should check out Tiffany & Co’s charms – they never fail at making the cutest, most elegant, most sought after little thing!

With that said, I just remembered I do have a Tiffany pendant that has been put away for a while..

Inner Badass?

21 09 2012

I arrived at my destination fairly early today, so I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood which happened to be one of my favourite shopping districts. I strutted around casually trying to not get distracted by all the things in the stores that are calling out my name, and I think I did pretty well. That is, until I came across these:


How cute are these? We all know that arm candies are so hot right now, and I truly think that leather is forever. They are gorgeous enough to stand on its own for a more polished look, but are easily matched enough to stack it up with bunch of other arm candies. What I simply cannot get enough of is how many colours they come in!


All jokes aside, I really did have a hard time choosing what colour I wanted mine in. They even come as watches!


I ended up getting mine in a dark shade of pink! I am thinking of getting one for my friend as a birthday present, but I am wondering which colour, and which style, hmm… Which one do you guys like?

Stay a little longer.

16 09 2012

Coloured denim love! I came across the mango coloured one (like the first image) with a very attractive price tag, but I’m a little reluctant to get it now that summer is more or less over… I think it could work as a fall colour, what do you think? This is why I hope this trend goes on forever. Look at them, these colours can brighten up any day!

And of course I love that they are all paired with white.

Do you have any trends that you would be sad to see them go out of style?

Happiness in a Box.

15 09 2012

I just realized how much that sounds like a proposal post… Well, if you were like me and enjoy any stories with diamonds and knees and love confession (seriously, even Tony and Blakely’s scene from Bachelor Pad teared me up), I am sorry to disappoint you, but that is not the type of box I was thinking of.

I have not splurged in a while, and I cannot be happier with this purchase! The blend of class and edge, the PERFECT heel height, and a tiny bit of discount that she probably gives anyone but still makes any purchase a better experience…

I actually already have a nude pair of heels that I admittedly don’t wear much.. I always feel terrible when I favour one over another, but when it’s not right, it’s not right.. I’m sorry!!! Seriously guys, when you shop, be respectful to the products that you buy, and the money that you earned! I have so many more pairs I have yet to break in to… Anyways, since I am uploading photos, here is a happiness in a dish.

A gratin of rice, white sauce seasoned with mentaiko (marinated roe), potato, mayo, and cheeeeeese. Yes, yes, it sounds like a heart attack but it was good! Kind of wish the portion was smaller, so it would be a great sharing dish. Next time I would try one with more goods in it like scallops and mushroom. Yum.

What has been making you happy lately? Happy weekend!

Just me being petty.

13 09 2012


No no, I don’t use the elevator to get to the 2nd floor, but I definitely have considered doing the similar thing as this guy. In fact, what I was thinking of doing may or may not be considered vandalizing, so I will not go in to too much details. It is understandable for those with big luggage or heavy groceries, or injured people to do this, but there is nothing more annoying than seeing some generally healthy people get out on the 2nd floor. Especially when I myself live on the top floor! Sorry, that’s just me being petty.

On a side note, I just watched the Bachelor Pad season 3 finale.. Such a turn!! *spoiler alert* I feel so so bad for Rachel, but at the same time, I can’t really blame Nick for doing what he did.. Ever wondered how many people you can trust to share with you? Or would you keep the money for yourself?

The Short Leap.

12 09 2012

I have done it. For the longest time, I have been contemplating chopping off my long mane to see if there are other styles out there for me, and yesterday, I have bid farewell to my security blanket. Until the very last minute, I was thinking for whether to just trim my hair or go for the completely new look, and it occurred to me, if not now then when? I am probably in the best shape of my life physically, so if I’m not comfortable enough to experiment now, then I never will be. Besides, I desperately needed to change something because boy oh boy, life has been kicking my ass. Isn’t there a saying in some culture that when you drastically cut your hair, your destiny will change?

When I was at the salon, all I told the hairdresser was that I was looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t require styling, and she just went at it. Seriously, half of my hair is gone, and surprisingly, I don’t hate it!

I am still getting used to it though, my biggest fear is that it is going to make me look 1. matronly, or 2. not put together. So I have decided to lighten my hair colour up to avoid 1. As for 2, any idea on how I can avoid looking like I just got out of bed? I think this new hairstyle is making me appreciate the thickness and the volume of my hair though. Maybe medium length is the way to go?

I looked up all these gorgeous ladies with medium length for an inspiration and style tips. Is this the style you would try?

This is probably the style I am striving for. Do you think it might be a little too sassy though?

Living proofs that medium length hair can be for the sweethearts as well. Maybe the secret is in keeping it dark and wavy?

Soooooo gorgeous. But i think this is the style only for those with thin fine hair?

She actually got a lot of negative feedbacks for chopping her hair off.. I’m getting a little nervous now because I do think she looked better with long hair…

Edginess love. But can I go to work looking like this? Probably not, so there goes my morning either to properly curl my hair or straighten it.

I think with medium-bob, it really shows when you don’t put in the effort, you just look tame and blah, whereas with long hair, you can get away with the sexy bedhead style. Geez hairstylist, so much for a hairstyle that doesn’t require styling!