Walking off chocolate.

29 04 2014

It’s a beautiful day here in my city!

photo 2

I had a few errands to run today, and decided that my mean of transportation for the day was going to be my two feet. So off I went, with my pedometer. And holy crap, I just walked 7.8 km !!!!!! I know right, how do I have so much time on my hands haha.

But no pats on the back for me, because I also gave in to my temptation… Have you guys seen these fun chocolate yet? We are spoiled for choices!

photo 1

photo 3


As you could tell, I couldn’t keep my hands off of not one, but two of the Dairy Milk’s already. Caramel popcorn one was different..in a good way, it was quite enjoyable. But then I tried the pretzel and peanut butter one and I don’t think I will ever be buying caramel popcorn again! The pretzel and peanut butter was just a good mix of salty and sweet and crunch, I had the hardest time putting it down. And I don’t usually like milk chocolate! The Lindt ones were no brainer, awesome stuff, and I’m just ecstatic as a dark chocolate eater that they are giving us so many options now.

Boy, I’m still in awe about my 7.8 km walk.. Now I have to keep breaking my own record. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


Mapping my run.

14 07 2012

The weather has been beautiful lately, and this means more outdoor activities in this young, health conscious city that I live in. Anything from beach volleyball to paddle boating, to kayaking and ultimate frisbee, you name it, I see them all as I run down my usual route.

Typically, I enjoy running outside but most of the time I’m running blindly without keeping track of my progress. The only thing I know about it is that I run the same distance, but what that distance is, or for how long I run, I honestly have no idea. That is, until few days ago when my friend introduced me to this super cool website, mapmyrun.com

Basically, it’s every runner’s best friend. You can map your route, keep track of how you do over time, and log your food! My favourite part is obviously the mapping my route part because I don’t run on a standard track, or in a straight line, so it’s not like I can use Google map to calculate the distance. Through this website, I have figured out that my usual route is just under 7km with inclination of about 2.5m! Now if only I can remember to time myself, then I can seriously start seeing progress..

The website is not just for serious runners either (because clearly I’m not!), you can also keep track of anything from shopping route to dog walking route, hell, even the short walk from your dorm room to your class! It just helps you feel like you are accomplishing something when you see it in numbers, instead of “oh ya, I went for a 10 mins walk”. Happy Running everyone!

What is the secret to your work out? Do share!