Longchamp Lust.

31 01 2012

Longchamp was yet another one of those brands that everyone around me loved, but I wasn’t keen on. That is, until I saw this ad with Coco Rocha in it, and completely fell in love. This is like a new definition of high fashion right there. Just mesmerizing. Oh Coco, what did you do to me? Wait wait, i just realized how scary her positioning is. Oh Coco, what if you fall??

I think that perhaps it was this simple, classic design that I was drawn to, that was so unlike the usual Longchamp design. And then I saw this ad:

LOVE the pop of colour. I think I just wasn’t a fan of the “Longchamp look” that everybody has, with solid colour that didn’t pop and a design that everybody carried. So when it comes to collaboration or of limited edition, I’m head over heels for it. And almost as much as I love these two designs, I’m even more impressed with the creative director who directed these two ads. Such an inspiration.


Wheat Free Journey Part I.

29 01 2012

I didn’t think it was going to be that hard, cutting wheat from my diet. I mean, it’s one thing to cut carbs out completely, but wheat is just a small fraction, right? I can still have potatoes and rice and egg noodles, so my meals will still be somewhat filling, so how hard could that be?

Not easy, as it turns out.. I don’t know what it is, but I’m so drawn to whatever it is I can’t eat! What an uncooperative craving.. It’s not impossible though, but so far, I haven’t seen much differences in terms of benefit yet. Perhaps because I keep cheating…? But here is a glimpse of what I have been making, because it’s just easier to control what you’re eating when you know exactly what’s in it!

BBQ pork chop and egg, with green beans for lunch.

And I kid you not, this was my dinner. Roasted cauliflower and roasted yam. That is one thing that has been growing on me though, yam chips! Slice them reallllly thinly, toss them in olive oil and bake it in the oven until crispy. This is easy, requires very little supervision, a lot healthier than potato chips, and can help with any cravings for dessert!

I am so tired right now with life and human relationships.. Any cure for that?

Just another Thursday.

20 01 2012

Lunch time!

A little bit of pampering for myself, so I can keep going. Hawaiian pizza, Grand Marnier macaron, and cream horn. Delish.

And then I made steak for dinner to welcome my man home from his business trip.

And then we fought about prenup.

Um what???

Oh and if any of you are wondering what happened to my wheat-diet, it hasn’t started yet! We are waiting until we get rid of everything wheat in our kitchen before we start, which I believe is tomorrow! Must squeeze in cupcakes before that..

There could never be too many appetizers.

17 01 2012

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always feel like appetizers are always better than main course, even though that ruins the whole purpose of “appetizers”. Usually when I see my friend for dinner, we would get an entree each, and an appy to share, and I never like my entree as much as my appy! So my friend and I decided to just go to a restaurant, and have bunch of appies instead, like tapas! It was such an amazing “meal”.

Stuffed mushrooms, crab cakes, shrimp cocktail, and s’mores. We also had chicken wings, and bacon wrapped scallops but those weren’t picture worthy, or order worthy for that matter. I also didn’t think that they would take s’mores so literally, they are probably the only thing photographed that I wouldn’t order again. Other than that, oh my goodness, so yummy.

I also found my new favourite drink! I always had a thing for pink drinks, and this was my first time trying the X-rated Fusion, and I absolutely fell in love. A mix of blood orange, mango, and passion fruit, with only 17% alcohol content, I just have them on the rock, or maybe even mix some more vodka in it myself. If you prefer the fruity, sweet kind of booze, this is a must try!

I ♡ Foreign Exchange.

13 01 2012

Okay, nerd alert!

Few summers ago, I interned for a hot shot investment banking firm and learned very little. I think finance is just not my thing, and I was hella confused. Really, this was me:

Well, I took enough economics courses in my life to know the basic of stocks and bonds and all those stuff, but still, it just wasn’t clicking. Throughout that summer, I pretty much did not learn anything new, except for a few keywords that still linger in my head, two of them being gold and foreign exchange.

Okay, I think for most things, it just didn’t click for me because it didn’t apply to  me, like STOCKS? I know they go up and down and you have your shares and all that jazz, but you really need to be knowledgeable enough about the industry, or at least your specific stock to know what to do with them. Believe me, sell when high, buy when low can only get you so far.

Foreign exchange on the other hand, applies to me, I understand them, and  have been getting extra cash because of it *kisses my envelope*. The concept is fairly simple, exchange rates go up and down, and you just have to aim to get a currency when they are at their low point, and exchange back when your currency is worth more!  With a large amount of money, these differences really do make a difference, it sure made my day today! Of course, you need to be fairly up to date with the exchange rate, and know what is low for them, and what is high; if you go for very common currency like USD, EUR, or GBP it makes it easier because people talk about them and their directions all the time.

I also happen to be in love with the brand Foreign Exchange, which can only be found in California and Texas. They are affordable, good quality, and have really cute stuff without having those redundant designs. Check them out!

You can check more out at www.feshop.net

Endless Battle: Shoes vs. Women.

13 01 2012

It’s kind of a love-hate relationship. I don’t think I can ever live without my heels. Well, maybe I can, if I live like a hermit with no social life or respectful career. But if I look at my collection of all types of shoes, the only pair that I can wear all day and be completely painless is my pair of Reebok running shoes. That is actually crazy, considering how much money I spend on these. Is it really impossible to find a pair of shoes (ok fine, heels) that can last me all night?

But my war with them starts even before I wear them out all night! I have quite the small feet, and it hasn’t really been working out in my favour when I go shopping for shoes. More often than not, whatever I pick out comes in every size but mine. Or perhaps they just don’t make my size at all… I will have a better luck shopping at the kids’ section, and that way, I can save a lot of money too!

So here are some tips for those with similar problem as mine, which I am sure many of you have! If your shoes are slightly too big, rely on in soles.

I got mine from the shoe store when they didn’t have the half size I was hoping for. They come in all the sizes of the shoes, so they would fit perfectly on the soles of your shoes! Not only do they make your shoes feel smaller (because these babies take up the excess space within your shoes), they also make it a lot more comfortable because of the material. Added bonus is that you don’t need to get a pair of in soles for every pair of shoes that are too big for you, they are easily transferable. One negative thing about this though, is that you don’t get to show off the brand of your shoes haha.

Another thing I have only recently tried is the heel liners:

As shown in the pictures you just have to stick them on to the back of your shoes. The great thing about these is that you will no longer have to suffer the pain caused by the back of your shoes, because these material are super comfortable. Another benefit that these heel liners can give you that in soles can’t is that you can use more than one of these, if your shoes are too big. I remember one time I tried to put two in soles in to one heel (so that’s two pairs of in soles per one pair of shoes), just so I can fit in to a pair of heels that were two sizes too big. Needless to say, that did not work because the two combined in soles were too thick, that the heels ended up being too shallow to accommodate my foot at all, if you know what I mean. But with heel liners, because they go on the back of your shoes, you can stick three of them on there if you need to. I think. The kinds I got were made out of clear squishy material, and they feel nice on my bare skin, and the edges are somewhat rounder, so no sharp edges will be rubbing on your foot. In terms of comfort though, in soles are definitely better, and these aren’t transferable at all.

With sandals or peep-toe shoes however, I don’t feel too comfortable using in soles because I don’t want the whole world to see it, yet heel liners wouldn’t work either because with many sandals, some pairs don’t have the back of the shoes at all, or have something strappy. In these cases, I find that gel pads can can usually solve the problem.

They go on the base of your shoes (where the ball of your foot touches the shoes) and are non-slip, so your feet don’t just slide down your sandals, which is usually what happens when you wear sandals or peep-toe shoes that are too big for you. They are also much kinder to your feet than the bare soles of your shoes too.

Now on the other hand, if you happen to purchase a pair of shoes that are slightly too small for you, because the sales person that “you just need to break it in a little, they’ll stretch”, but it is oh too painful to just break it in a little, apparently the solution is freezing it.

To stretch it, all you have to do is shove something bigger in the shoes, right? And if your feet cannot handle that much pain, just fill a giant Ziploc bag with water, put this in your heels, making sure that this water in a bag fills the entire shoes, and freeze it overnight.  When water freezes, it expands, and voila, your shoes are stretched! I also heard that applying vaseline on parts where the shoe touches your foor also helps, but I have never tried that. But then again, I have never tried freezing my shoes either, but do let me know if any of you have tried it!

Now, that is a lot of writing… Hope you and your heels live happily ever after! We can never have too many heels, remember that. And while we’re on this topic, these are some of the pairs that I have been eyeing lately!

I guess my animalistic phase is here?

Feeling like a Parisian.

10 01 2012

It’s cold, life sucks, cried my heart out last night.

But we all know that life goes on and when you snooze, you lose. REMEMBER THAT EVERYONE! You can be a good person, living life the right way, minimizing damages and giving back to charity, but sometimes, you just don’t get what you wish for, or even what you rightfully earned for that matter.

I’m out and about again, trying to pick myself up and find ways around this mess. I hate looking sloppy when I’m feeling sloppy, so I’m going around town in my black velvet heels today, with what I call a Parisian bun.

Dear people who are actually from Paris,

I understand that you guys may not necessarily look like this, but thank you for letting me use your name. If it makes you feel any better, I really think it’s a chic, effortless and beautiful look, which is why I feel like a Parisian today. Hope you don’t mind too much.


My hair is getting pretty long, so I’m happy about this style. There goes a few more bucks I could save by not getting a haircut just yet.

And while I was looking up pictures for this “Parisian bun”, I came across a ton of pictures of the edible kinds of buns. I think I could use some right now. These look just about right. Yum.

imma go hunt for them now. Ciao.