I won’t cry for you,

21 04 2013

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The colour is cherry blossom.

31 03 2013

Can you believe how fast time flies? I feel like I can’t keep up with the world anymore! While my head is consumed with juvenile issues, life is not slowing down for me and I have grown up things to worry about (like filing taxes *gasp*). So here is to a worry-free Sunday, which is how every Sunday should be like. Let’s look at pretty things and forget the world for a few hours.

image (1)

image (2)

image (4)

Have a wonderful weekend you guys, and an even better week ahead of you!

Girliness overload.

2 02 2013

My recent purchases – I’ve been pretty attracted to lots of blings and shiny stuff lately!

iPhone camera

From iPhone camera

from iPhone camera

I love those earrings where the pair is not identical! Just enough similarities so that it doesn’t look too random, but different enough to keep them interesting.

My earrings phase come and go, and right now, I am sooooo in! No more discrete ones, I want them to scream out and make a statement. Take that, corporate dress code.

I am also contemplating getting the earrings that match my winged ring.. Obviously I wouldn’t wear them together, but do you think they are too badass to be hanging off of my ears?

I haven’t had the chance to wear the ring yet though, because my fingers have been dolled up:

From iPhone camera.

A little Coco Chanel?

Spoil yourself once in a while, you know you deserve it!

About five frappucino’s….

12 01 2013

What do you guys think? Would you get it?

Personally a little pricey for me, but it is oh so pretty…


To get or not to get?

PS, can you tell? I found my champagne pink nail polish!

Did I really just watch the finale of Gossip Girl…?

31 12 2012

I know I am late, forgive me, when did this episode air?

It really is the series finale? I feel like I’m saying good bye to a group of friends!

Truth be told, it hasn’t always been good.. But I do think that the show picked up this season so I guess it was a good time to end. What are you guys’ thoughts on it?

What do I have to say about it…?

Serena’s dress is GORGE. It’s so her, don’t you think?


Santa’s early visit.

8 12 2012

December is a lot of things.. Time to reflect on the year… Time when you appreciate the beauty of your city.. Time when you go crazy shopping! And of course, time to do a little something special for your loved ones.

I have a friend who lives half way across the world.. We first met when we were like 13, and while we weren’t the best of friends at the time, she is definitely one of my closest friends now (..I know, how does that work?). She is quite the beauty guru and for this Christmas, we decided to do a little gift swap of beauty products!

My package came last week, check it out, along with other Christmassy snapshots!

I am so spoiled!

Christmas with a touch of pink.

..and of course, some Christmas crackers.

Please stay tune for some reviews on these new addition to my make up drawer!

Of socialite and Ms. Universe.

5 12 2012

I had the opportunity to work with a former Ms. Universe and one of the socialites this week. One was absolutely adorable and another was high and mighty… I would let you figure out yourself which one is which.

Anyways, before this becomes a gossip column, I thought I would share a few things that caught my eyes during the shoot.

from lovemenails.blogspot.com

Champagne pink nail polish. It was more shimmery than pink though, but I fell in love! With winter spirit everywhere, I think this colour is such a winner for this time of the year. Must go find this!

from Maybelline.

This was the mascara the make up artist had with him, so my guess is it is pretty amazing. I like that it is an affordable brand, but then again Maybelline has always had good mascaras so no surprise there. I cannot wait to give this one a try!

What have your eyes been catching lately? Street style? Winter accessories? Don’t you just love this time of the year?