Walking off chocolate.

29 04 2014

It’s a beautiful day here in my city!

photo 2

I had a few errands to run today, and decided that my mean of transportation for the day was going to be my two feet. So off I went, with my pedometer. And holy crap, I just walked 7.8 km !!!!!! I know right, how do I have so much time on my hands haha.

But no pats on the back for me, because I also gave in to my temptation… Have you guys seen these fun chocolate yet? We are spoiled for choices!

photo 1

photo 3


As you could tell, I couldn’t keep my hands off of not one, but two of the Dairy Milk’s already. Caramel popcorn one was different..in a good way, it was quite enjoyable. But then I tried the pretzel and peanut butter one and I don’t think I will ever be buying caramel popcorn again! The pretzel and peanut butter was just a good mix of salty and sweet and crunch, I had the hardest time putting it down. And I don’t usually like milk chocolate! The Lindt ones were no brainer, awesome stuff, and I’m just ecstatic as a dark chocolate eater that they are giving us so many options now.

Boy, I’m still in awe about my 7.8 km walk.. Now I have to keep breaking my own record. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


Hello hello!

3 04 2014

It has been a while! If you are reading this, thank you thank you thank you for still taking the time to give this lil blogger a chance. Don’t let me bore you with why I was missing in action, I am just glad to be back here and having a platform to write again.

So excited I don’t even know where to start! What have I been up to…

Last thing I ate:
Home made mini apple muffin, an oldie but a goodie recipe that I shared with you guys back in 2012! Speaking of which, clearly I am not on my wheat free diet anymore. I did use whole wheat to bake it though…

Last thing I watched:
The Voice ! Used to not get what the hype is all about, b ut now I am a fan! My favourite part is the relationship between the coaches – love love love them. Oh and whenever they steal.

Last time I ran:
Happy to share that it was only yesterday. And in about an hour, I am off to my gym for EPOC workout. I will be posting more about this EPOC workout shortly so stay tune !!

Last time I cooked:
Do salad and grilled cheese count as cooking? They were damn good though, I made pesto grilled cheese yesterday, and kale salad with honey balsamic vinaigrette yesterday – with boiled egg for extra protein!

My one last news:

photo 4

Hell to the yes, I am wedding dress shopping! So please expect a lot of wedding posts in the next few months!

So good to be back, and looking forward to reconnecting with you all.


Mapping my run.

14 07 2012

The weather has been beautiful lately, and this means more outdoor activities in this young, health conscious city that I live in. Anything from beach volleyball to paddle boating, to kayaking and ultimate frisbee, you name it, I see them all as I run down my usual route.

Typically, I enjoy running outside but most of the time I’m running blindly without keeping track of my progress. The only thing I know about it is that I run the same distance, but what that distance is, or for how long I run, I honestly have no idea. That is, until few days ago when my friend introduced me to this super cool website, mapmyrun.com

Basically, it’s every runner’s best friend. You can map your route, keep track of how you do over time, and log your food! My favourite part is obviously the mapping my route part because I don’t run on a standard track, or in a straight line, so it’s not like I can use Google map to calculate the distance. Through this website, I have figured out that my usual route is just under 7km with inclination of about 2.5m! Now if only I can remember to time myself, then I can seriously start seeing progress..

The website is not just for serious runners either (because clearly I’m not!), you can also keep track of anything from shopping route to dog walking route, hell, even the short walk from your dorm room to your class! It just helps you feel like you are accomplishing something when you see it in numbers, instead of “oh ya, I went for a 10 mins walk”. Happy Running everyone!

What is the secret to your work out? Do share!

Sh*t people say on Facebook status.

23 05 2012

The first thing I do when I log on to facebook is check my newsfeed, even before I check my own notifications and private messages. It’s like skimming through your morning newspaper, you know? Checking out what people are up to especially when your friends and families are spread out all over the globe. I’m not going to lie, some of the most interesting links I find are through here, but it’s also true that the most annoying statuses get mixed up in here too…. To name a few,

those annoying passive aggressive messages:

UNBELIEVABLE. All I have given you is love and respect this past year and all I have gotten back was LIES. I know I should’ve seen it coming, I know I shouldn’t have given you my heart.. I hope she was worth it. 

So you’re upset? But you can’t tell it to their faces? So you have to broadcast it on facebook what you would say to the person, because you can only whine about it “secretly”… It’s definitely a cry of help, I just don’t quite understand why it has to be up in public, especially when you could kind of tell who you’re attacking and what they possibly did. Not cool.

Similarly annoying,

those sad/angry statuses that are clearly attention seeking but they refuse to tell anyone what’s wrong even when people ask.

If you don’t want to talk about it, why post it as your status?

those people that are trying too hard to sound pensive, quoting themselves:

This was posted by Cookie Monster **name has been changed:

“Somethings you just need to do once and you will remember (i.e. mistakes).” – Cookie Monster.

Not only did this “Cookie Monster” put a quotation mark on his own quote, he even made sure he signed his own name at the end to make sure everybody knows that this is his quote. What annoys me even more is that sometimes, his quote is just a paraphrase of what other famous person has said few decades ago, but oh no, he still signed his own name at the end. Oh jolly, he even gave us an example so we can better understand what he means!

those that needs to let the whole world know of their daily activities:

Just woke up from a nap. Time for hot shower, lunch, then off to work!

…and exactly what do you plan on achieving by sharing with us the most routine things about life? And word of advice girls, anything that has to do with you undressing, keep it to yourself. One time, I tried to stop a text conversation with a guy telling him imma head to shower, ttul, he responded with “oooh, you just got me excited!”. Um, NOT what I was trying to do dude. So, shower, trying on bikinis, purchasing lingerie, you might want to avoid anyone trying to fantasize you doing it.

Yes, what he said.

I understand that you’re extremely excited about the weather, but what’s next?


Rain, boo :(

New toothbrush <3

Just waxed my butt!

..You get my point..

those statuses with bad grammar and tons of spelling mistakes.

y socialcam gets hit??
i’m so curious
this shows the power of social network thingy
it also means tht ppl dnt want some privacy anymore rite??

I know my own English is not perfect, but at least I’m not trashing the language.  I have some friends who are still trying to master the language, and for some reason they insist on writing their paragraph long statuses in English. Points for trying, because practice makes perfect, but for your own sake, stick to the language that you are comfortable with.

And while we’re at it, if your English is THAT bad, don’t even think about insulting other people’s English. This is the real image that the same friend posted one time, and her caption was “their English is so bad it gives me headache. I want to fix it for them so bad!”.

Yes darlin’, it’s bad, but you’re the one to talk..?

those overly detailed statuses on your illness every fricken hour.

Yes, one time my friend updated us every hour on her pus squirting skin irritation. TOO. MUCH. INFORMATION. All we need to know is that you’re okay.

Feel free to share what gets on your nerve on facebook!

Wheat Free Journey Part IV.

22 05 2012

It is no secret that I like to eat. I enjoy good food, I love cooking, and I love exploring cool places to wine and dine. If you are visiting a certain city that I am familiar with and you ask me what are some of the things to do here, 9 out of 10 times, I would mention what they must eat, before anything else.

But recently I have had a realization that it is about time I start paying attention to my health as well. While my decision to partake in my wheat free journey was more of me accepting a challenge to prove my boyfriend wrong, it really has helped me eat better, despite how many times I cheat, just because I’m more aware of what I’m consuyming. My current wheat free favourite? It is one of the easiest meal you could prepare, one of the healthiest, and definitely, one of the item on the menu that you will keep coming back to this summer!

If I have it my way, smoothies would be my go-to dinner most nights of the week, especially on the nights that I don’t exercise. What I put in them is completely random, based on what is available but here are some of my favourite ingredients:

They just make any smoothies, because of its subtle, yet sweet touch, and its creamy consistency. It just goes with absolutely everything. The problem though? I have to wait for it to ripe first, and since my boyfriend can enjoy his bananas green, he barely leaves any for me. I guess when you snooze, you lose!

Any type of yoghurt (though I prefer vanilla), is a good substitution for when my bananas are not ripe enough, or when my other half finishes it before it ripens. Same idea, they are sweet, with good consistency, extra calcium, and still easy on your body.

Okay, this is a weird one, but a handful of baby spinach is kind of magical. It adds that much more nutrient, gives some depth to the flavour (you really can’t taste the spinach), and it turns anything in to my favourite colour! Gosh, I sure hope my future kids will appreciate the beauty of anything green like me.

Milk is my choice of liquid for when making smoothies. Soy, Skim, 1%, anything goes, and I would love to try almond milk too. I’m a little against using water.. And since I use frozen fruits most of the time, I don’t even need that extra ice!

Other than that, I just put in whatever types of fruit I find in the fridge or the freezer, usually a mix of berries, mangoes, or peaches. I have once tried using chopped Granny Smith apple as the main fruit, and I was surprised by how well it blended! I wasn’t a big fan of its consistency though, it was somewhat grainy (hehe, get it?). The two ingredients that I would love to try right now is matcha powder, and soft tofu!! Okay, maybe the soft tofu might be a little weird, but don’t you think it could work?? And maybe oatmeal. Apparently it’s quite common to mix oatmeal in to smoothies now?

There is so much beauty in seeing so many layers of fruits in your blender, don’t you think?

Did I also mention how you absolutely don’t need any extra sweeteners? Not even after you add a handful of green leafy spinach! A lot of people put extra seeds or powders in it, but I like mine au naturale. Yum.

Wheat Free Journey Part III.

25 04 2012

I feel like it’s been a while since I posted on my wheat free journey, so I thought I would update you guys a little.  But let me remind you that I am still camera-less so you have to bare with my over the top descriptions and some internet pictures!

So for the most part, avoiding wheat hasn’t been too too hard, except for one of those  ridiculous craving times. These are some of the unsung accessories to my wheat free meals that has been making the journey more bearable for me. After all, the secret to having a successful diet is to enjoy what you can eat!

Creamy poppy seed salad dressing. I don’t actually remember the brand that we use at home, but I’m sure it’s not hard to find in your local grocery store. It’s the type of dressing that is on the sweet side, but not overwhelming, and definitely not greasy despite its creaminess. I’ve always enjoyed salad but never quite enough to look forward to it, until I discovered this one!  The key to making your salad more enjoyable is to have plenty of stuff in it. My favourite bowl includes the usual greens, corn, cucumber (they really make a difference), some type of meat for that extra protein (bacon, chopped steak, shredded chicken, everything goes!), and sliced hard boiled egg. They really are quite delicious.  And filling! My other go to salad dressing? Japanese style sesame dressing, and sweet onion dressing.  My mom used to make her own dressing which was delicious too.. I should ask her for the recipe. Feel free to share yours too!

This is possibly the best BBQ sauce in the world. I don’t know who Diana is, but hats off to her because this will simply be the star of any barbecues I host this summer. She has a lot of products though, from sauces to marinades to gravies, and I can’t vouch for all of them, but this one, divine. Make sure it is Gourmet Original though, with its orangey colour. While other ones are good, this one’s my favourite. It’s on the sweeter side, which is what I prefer in my BBQ sauce. If you prefer the smokey rich tangy flavour, you might want to try the western smokehouse, which is darker in colour and in flavour. My other favourite store-bought marinade? Sweet ginger teriyaki!

When it comes to healthy, wheat free cooking, I find myself turning to Oriental cuisine quite a bit, because of their rice based meals which means wheat free! Most Asian restaurants that I know use a ton of oyster sauce as their basic seasoning, but since my dear mother discovered the vegetarian oyster sauce, I never went back to the oyster-oyster sauce. I prefer the vegetarian kind (or mushroom sauce, I think they are called) because of their milder flavour, with no hint of fishiness, even though this might all just be in my imagination. I just prefer its taste, and I think it’s healthier too. For stir fries, this really is all I need and since I have introduced this to my man, this is now a staple at our home. I stay away from soy sauce when it comes to stir fries just because it has too much tang in it in my opinion. I like the falvour of Hoi Sin sauce though, but do any of you know if it makes good stir fry?

Potatoes make very filling and nutritious meal while being extremely easy on your budget. You can bake them, boil them, tot them, mash them, the opportunities are endless and they somehow end up delicious no matter what you do with them. How I’ve been handling them lately is saute them lightly with olive oil and butter, then season it with salt, pepper and some herbs and spices (or you can just use those store bought mixed seasoning) and then bake them in the oven for that extra crisp edges. For those days that I need extra creaminess to it, I go easy on the seasoning but add a few scoops of white pasta sauce (yes, Classico Alfredo sauce IS wheat free!) to it before baking, and voila, a comforting meal so quickly and easily!

Magic drink, green tea! No extra calories, but a boost of energy and lots of antioxidants! It helps with your metabolism, and lowers cholestoral. I’m a little worried about its caffeine content though because I pretty much drink it like water…

Here are some other ideas that are on the top of my to-do list! And yes, they could be wheat free!

Meatloaf stuffed baked potatoes.

Why cupcake pans are essential to your home. You can even make it healthier by adding vegetables in it, and wheat free by substituting the pastry with potato perhaps? Or cut the carbs altogether and have eggs as the base? Perfect for portion control too!

Any Harry Potter fans here?

1. Melt the butter and sugar together to make caramel.
2. Add milk, vanilla, and cinnamon to stir and combine.
3. Bring mixture to a boil and pour in to a mug.

I think I would actually add coffee in to this though, sounds terribly sweet. But where is the ‘beer’ in this?

Finding my path back to health?

5 01 2012

This book has been my boyfriend’s bed time story for the past few weeks, and it seems to have convinced him to cut wheat from his diet. The first thought in my head was, what the hell am I going to cook for this guy from now on? Not that I’m one of those domesticated girlfriend that cooks every meal for him, but you know, I like my pasta dishes and french toast and baking of all sorts and it’s not as fun cooking if no one would eat it!

It was already hard trying to come up with things I can still make to get to his heart through his stomach, but I somehow got myself in to the diet as well. Apparently you’ll get deeper sleeps, have better mood, and some other great benefits, but I think I only agreed to it because he thinks I wouldn’t make it. So challenge accepted!

I did my research and these are what I can no longer eat:

  • flour (this of course, includes bread, and any other baked goods including cakes, cookies, daughnuts, crackers)
  • couscous
  • tempura crumbs
  • cereals
  • pasta
  • thickened soups and sauces (ie. gravies)
  • beer
  • worcestershire sauce
  • soy sauce
  • gin
  • ice cream
  • pudding
  • mayo

of course, there are more random things that doesn’t apply to me, and some that I have listed above probably have come up with smart substitutes *fingers crossed*.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, risotto is wheat free!!!!!