Today’s Look 2.1

18 07 2012

I feel like it’s been a while since I did my Today’s Look post, so here we are! Since the weather has warmed up, I have been drawn towards those super short shorts and tank top. Not only are they practical and comfortable, the chances of me getting ugly tan from them is less likely. But since I was meeting up with my girl friend in the city today, I thought I would go a little girly today.

I wanted my little red skirt to be the star today, and since the black belt went in on my waist nice and tight, I opted for a monochromatic, loosely fitted T-shirt to pair with my skirt. You know what is great about anything that is this short? It makes your legs look like they go on forever! I could always use some illusion there..

Also photographed here with me here is the O.N.E. coconut water that has been getting a lot of hypes lately. Apparently they are better at hydrating you than sports drink, with higher potassium in it too! But in terms of flavour, don’t expect anything like the kind you get in some tropical land. They are slightly sweetened water at best, at 60 calories per serving.

As for my art project at the tip of my fingers, I used two types of nail polish to create my best attempt of the night sky. Start off with dark blue polish, and dab the tip at the end with glittered kind – I went with light blue. I’m very happy with the end result and will definitely be doing the similar effect with different colours from now on!

Sephora by OPI – Opening Night (Opaque midnight navy), and Not Your Average Turquoise (clear with medium and chunky turquoise glitter).


Today’s Look 2.012

31 05 2012

It’s that time of the year again when the city is flooded with gifts and goodies, when people’s profile pictures are of them wearing caps and gowns, when flower shops start making almost as much money as on Valentines. Yes ladies and gentleman, another class is graduating.

For me it’s a little bit of a bitter sweet moment, because it’s kind of a reminder of where you once were, merely x years ago. It’s a good reminiscing moment to see how far you’ve come since you yourself threw your cap in the air and thought that you are about to make your mark in this world. How many years has it been for you, and how far do you think you have come since?

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending one of the ceremonies at my Alma Mater and it was a little odd. As the speakers try to inspire you and motivate you, gushing over how you are in good companies and how the school has prepared you well, part of me was so touched to be back there again and reminisce of old time, but part of me also wanted to shake them and tell them not to give the graduates some unrealistic expectations. Don’t get me wrong new graduates, you can be great, you can make your marks, but at the same time, it really is what you make of it.

Now, enough about the dark and gloomy thoughts, this is a fashion post! I thought I would share with you what I decided to wear on this joyous occasion.   Remember that if you are the guest, don’t try to overshine the star!

Today's Look 2.012

As blue and gold are our school colours, I tried to show my loyalty to school this way! My navy blue dress was 3/4 sleeves with slits. Unlike the one shown here though, my “slit” wasn’t one big one, but looked more like a ladder with several smaller key holes, if you know what I mean. I paired it with simple black sandal heels, and my Burberry trench because it was kind of gloomy and cold.
I kept my accessories simple with gold chain pendant and gold bangles. The only pops of playful colour were my mint green nails and blue green shadows. My dear friend who graduated was wearing a flowy sleeveless dress that was long at the back, but shorter in the front which was to die for! I really think she was the best dressed there and I am not being biased!
Something like this.. but she had a huge belt for a more flattering silhouette. If you are lost as to what to wear to weddings/grads/other semi formal occasion this summer, hopefully this will inspire you!
Again, congratulations class of 2012, and I wish you nothing but the best. Just don’t take my job away :D

Today’s Look 2.0

5 04 2012

I’m actually surprised I found an image that is so fitting! So this is what I’m currently wearing:

– black tights
– black shorts
– white men’s American Apparel V-neck t-shirt (I went through a phase where I loved them so much I have them in 4 colours)
– black ankle booties
– black Nine West bag
– black coat
– and of course, a pop of colour with my statement ring and gold necklace!

 ..while munching on this all morning:


I love the pairing of chocolate with berries, and the crunch makes a whole world of difference. I’ve been eyeing to try them for a  while and now it’s on sale! Must stock them up before the sale ends.  It was hard to rip the bag open though, so much so that I actually had to ask some random stranger to borrow a pair of scissors..  But totally worth it!

Enjoy the long weekend everybody!

Today’s Look 1.9

1 02 2012

I don’t know why I even bother haha, my look is very similar everyday but for some reason I really liked the look today, so here we are! I think it’s the boyfriend sweater – literally, since I just got it off of his shelf. He is away on a business trip so it’s nice to have something of him close by. But the funny part is, it’s brand new and he’s never worn it, so it doesn’t even smell like him. But you guys don’t need to know that!

The ring is Chanel inspired and I’m loving it! It was originally an earring (from here), but I really thought that it would be prettier as a ring, so voila, I transformed it with super glue and an old ring. My boyfriend calls it a ghetto ring, but I for sure am having more use of this ring than I would have with the earrings!

I also just found out that the next bachelorette is going to be Emily Maynard.. Boo.. I don’t know why people seem to make such a big deal of her! And while we are on the topic, I kind of dislike Ben as the bachelor. Yet I am still watching it.. 

Today’s Look 1.7

19 12 2011

Not exactly the winter-appropriate shoes, but I am trying to get comfortable in these babies. It’s supposedly half a size bigger than my usual size but for some reason I feel like this pair is too small! In love with the design though, and the colour. They had camel and this pink, and I opted for pink even though the other one probably had the size that was more fitting to me. The heels could be slightly higher though.

I am pairing these shoes with a pair of black skinny jeans, black tunic, and a beige cardigan. The two special items that I think make this look are the heels, and this ring.

When the weather is this cold, I never used to care how I looked, I focused more on just being warm. It was so bad that when I was in school, I actually went to class with my jammies and just a hoodie on top. Don’t worry, I only did that to lectures where I knew no one in. But yesterday when I came home after the gym, my boyfriend actually commented on how weird it was that I was wearing my leggings with my running shoes! Is it actually that bad…? To be fair, I was coming home from gym and sauna..

For the record, living with the boyfriend is going pretty well. I feel so weird to be the one deciding on when to do laundry and when to run the dishwasher though, so I always let him do it. Does that make me a bad girlfriend/roommate?

Today’s Look 1.6

11 11 2011

So I just came back from lunch (unfortunately not tacos). While on the way to our usual eatery, a woman stopped me. The conversation went something like this:

The lady: Where did you get that shirt from?
(she almost demanded me the answer.. she wasn’t rude per se, but I was scared.. like, did she think I stole this or something??)
Me: [store name] *might i add, in the most polite way of speaking*
The lady: How much did you pay for it?
Me: Um, [trying to think] I don’t really remember ma’am.
The lady: (pauses) well it looks nice.

Well, thank you random lady. Which explains my today’s look 1.6! Also because my manager speculated I have something special to go to tonight, which is actually not the case, but you get the point. I look nice todayyyy hehehe! I don’t have a self esteem issue by any means by the way haha, that I only post my today’s look when I get compliments.. It just make it seem a little more worthwhile.

Wore this look with black leggings (of course), and heavy smokey eyes. I always feel like when I wear leggings for work, it’s not sharp enough so I put more effort on the rest of my look.
Also, happy 11/11/11!

Today’s Look 1.2

25 10 2011
Today's Look 1.2
Well,  technically not my today’s look, but this is what I wore for my hot date that I kept talking about in the post from work.

– Currently crazy about one shoulder dresses. Or tops. Just anything one shoulder is beautiful. (The real colour of my dress is more silvery blue.)
– The shoes, I thought I could go either way; blue to match the necklace, or nude to match, well, the necklace.
– Lips, I decided to have it be the one girly touch for the whole look.

And here is the view from the restaurant. Just gorgeous, and the food was almost as good. A wonderful evening indeed.