Spoiler Alert!

31 08 2011

Bachelor Pad (yes it is my guilty pleasure!)…

I can’t believe people decided to vote Jake off and keep Kasey and Vienna together… They all say loyalty this and loyalty that, but they’re playing the games wrong!!! Have they seen this show before? This is about voting people off so you’re the last one standing.. Eventually it all comes down to either you vote them off or they’ll vote you off – whichever comes first. Screw loyalty – bottom line is, people will eventually backstab you.

With that said, I do know that it’s different from this side of the screen. People on the show – I would just like to say I have nothing against you guys. Thank you for entertaining us, and I understand that only a portion is aired and directors have the power to put them together in a way that is more entertaining for us viewers.

I just can’t believe people are letting those two obnoxious people stay on the show, when they all say that they are sick of them! Seriously, no offense to them, but you are in for a big surprise when this show airs. But i guess, good luck?

Question: who are you rooting for? Who is the best looking? And who is the worst?


Cinderella story.

30 08 2011

I know I’ve been posting a lot of doodles lately, but I have quite a collection of it since I started working. Not that I’m a professional doodler (I wish!), but it’s a good break from staring at computer screen all day. Plus I have a lot of built up emotions so inspiration just keeps coming.

On another note, I am currently lusting over few pairs of nice heels. I just lost two heels to stupidity and I’ve been wearing the same heels to work whether they match my outfit or not!. One of the pairs I lost to rain – who knew that walking in the rain can expand the shoes and now I can’t walk in them without them falling off! The other one, I took them to replace the tip of the heels, and they overcharged me! I can buy brand new heels with how much they charged me, so I just told him no thank you. The guy reacted very badly and threw my shoe across the store – I kid you not. Okay, it was partly my fault but I really wished they respected their new customer a little more. Hmph.

I love having excuses to splurge! But RIP my dear heels :(


30 08 2011

Confessions of a rebellious daughter.

27 08 2011

What to do, when your parents want something else for you?

What to do, when your parents’ dream job is very far from your dream job?

What to do, when you feel like the only way to make them proud is taking that dream job?

What to do, when they expect you to be their little angel, but you’re horrible at resisting temptation?

What to do, when your siblings would rather tell on you than have your back?

I feel like I’m a kid again – and not in a good way.

Just another saturday.

27 08 2011

At work.

Not necessarily the place I want to be on a Saturday but it’s not too bad. I got to sleep in (woke up before my alarm which says a lot), the traffic wasn’t all that bad, and the workload is satisfactory, not to mention that I got to talk to the one person who always makes my day before work. But you know what would make this day a whole lot better? Satisfying my cravings.

Mister Donut’s Pon de Ring, also called Mochi Ring in some other stores. The consistency is a lot like mochi, not too sweet, and comes with many flavours/icing. Just delicious.

Fried chicken. Classic delicacy.

And of course cupcakes. Haven’t had them in MONTHS. Just waiting for my wish to come true ❤

It’s unstoppable.

21 08 2011

But it’s justifiable.


My new shoe rack! It fits perfectly in this little corner, too bad it doesn’t fit much though, so this is where I keep the ones I don’t wear as much. I think I’ll really need a walk-in closet in my permanent home!

My new baby! I like it that it’s black at the back.

Finally found something to match my tulip skirt!!

More more moreeee hehehe.

And the shoes I fell in love with but didn’t get because they were flats :( But I think i’m gonna go back to get it. :P

Pretty please?

20 08 2011