22 05 2014

It is a glorious mix of art and science.  You see something you like, you snap a pic of it, filter the hell out of it, and share it with the world. I absolutely love it. I’m a visual person to begin with, and I enjoy seeing what my friends and random people are loving about life. But let me disclose with you my weird obsession –  there’s a few accounts that I follow religiously, without actually following them.

….I know, why in the world………………..?

Oh a couple of small reasons, really. I used to follow a few of them, and I started liking them less. Some people get carried away with the HASHTAG INSTAFAME, and I became heavily critical, and almost disapproved what they were posting even though no one was asking for my opinions. The “relationship” turned south quickly, so I stopped.  I didn’t want to start disliking what I used to like.

So to make up for being an unofficial follower, here’s a quick shout out to some of my secret crushes *shhhhhh*:

@sjanaelise – beautiful soul inside and out from Australia. Her views about life just brightens up anyone’s day.

@sweatyandfit – a gorgeous fitspiration of mine. She is so cute, yet so grounded and hardworking. Her workouts are badass!

@taramilktea – a media student who doodles other inspiring instagrammers! One of these days I’m going to find the guts to ask her to doodle meeee!



I won’t cry for you,

21 04 2013

from instagram

Santa’s early visit.

8 12 2012

December is a lot of things.. Time to reflect on the year… Time when you appreciate the beauty of your city.. Time when you go crazy shopping! And of course, time to do a little something special for your loved ones.

I have a friend who lives half way across the world.. We first met when we were like 13, and while we weren’t the best of friends at the time, she is definitely one of my closest friends now (..I know, how does that work?). She is quite the beauty guru and for this Christmas, we decided to do a little gift swap of beauty products!

My package came last week, check it out, along with other Christmassy snapshots!

I am so spoiled!

Christmas with a touch of pink.

..and of course, some Christmas crackers.

Please stay tune for some reviews on these new addition to my make up drawer!