Walking off chocolate.

29 04 2014

It’s a beautiful day here in my city!

photo 2

I had a few errands to run today, and decided that my mean of transportation for the day was going to be my two feet. So off I went, with my pedometer. And holy crap, I just walked 7.8 km !!!!!! I know right, how do I have so much time on my hands haha.

But no pats on the back for me, because I also gave in to my temptation… Have you guys seen these fun chocolate yet? We are spoiled for choices!

photo 1

photo 3


As you could tell, I couldn’t keep my hands off of not one, but two of the Dairy Milk’s already. Caramel popcorn one was different..in a good way, it was quite enjoyable. But then I tried the pretzel and peanut butter one and I don’t think I will ever be buying caramel popcorn again! The pretzel and peanut butter was just a good mix of salty and sweet and crunch, I had the hardest time putting it down. And I don’t usually like milk chocolate! The Lindt ones were no brainer, awesome stuff, and I’m just ecstatic as a dark chocolate eater that they are giving us so many options now.

Boy, I’m still in awe about my 7.8 km walk.. Now I have to keep breaking my own record. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!


Health Diary.

15 04 2014

Yes, I like to stay active, but more than that, I like to eat.

I have surprised way too many people with how much I can eat, and they wonder how I stay in shape. Girllllll, obviously I work for this body, those calories ain’t gonna burn themselves! But then sometimes I even scare myself with how much I can eat… And one way of controlling my cravings, I have realized, is to let the whole world know what a little piggy I can be. Let the world judge, and that is how I’m going to control myself!

Open grilled cheese (half a whole wheat triangular Ciabatta with shredded marble cheddar)

Three kiwis

Four Oreo’s (the 30% less fat kind!)
A handful of black and white kettle corn

Two cups of Edamame
Half a pork chop

Now, these aren’t so bad right? Well, it’s because I told myself I was going to broadcast what I ate today so I kept my snacking to an absolute minimum. Also, we need to go get groceries so badly, we have nothing left in our fridge……

Give it a try, you’ll be surprised how exposing your eating habit can do for you!

**I also started wearing a pedometer so I can keep track of how much I’m moving. Yesterday, I did about 13,500 steps. This included 90 mins in the gym though (60 min cardio + arms and abs work).

Wheat Free Journey Part V.

17 11 2012

I know, I thought it was weird at first too…  But now that I think about it, why not?  Chocolate covered pretzels or popcorn are nothing new, and honestly, chocolate covered anything is bound to be a good idea, right?

But the best part about chocolate covered potato chips? They are wheat free!

Kind of an acquired taste.. I remember when I first tried it, I was a little confused. A mix of chocolate, saltiness, and crispy potato chips…who thought of this?? I’m not saying that everyone would love it, but I think it’s worth a try, at least once! You would be surprised at how well they go together!

I of course, prefer mine dipped in dark chocolate!

They come in fancy packages too! Though, I’m sure it’s not too hard to make it yourself at home.

I remember an episode on Modern Family, where Manny was advised to put some salt in to his milk chocolate. I guess it’s the same idea? That bit of saltiness just adds some depth to the already amazing chocolate taste.

Have you tried these? Let me know what you think!

On a side note, how come we can’t resize the images without using the percentages here anymore? :(

Patchi from the Middle East.

6 10 2012

On Monday we had clients coming in from the Middle East and they came bearing gifts. Well, technically they gifted my boss but she was generous enough to share it with the rest of us.

I kid you not. A box full of individually wrapped chocolate pieces were inches away from my desk. Inches. I should get a medal for not inhaling them all on the first day.

Aren’t the wrappers gorgeous? Like little gems.

Patchi is a luxury chocolate brand originated from Lebanon, and is huge in the Middle East. But due to its increasing popularity, you can find them in big cities and even online. The price is at about a little over half of Lady Godiva.

They are so good with morning coffee/tea, and the extra dessert after lunch. I have gotten so used to eating these during work, how will I function without them now?

Happiness in a Box.

15 09 2012

I just realized how much that sounds like a proposal post… Well, if you were like me and enjoy any stories with diamonds and knees and love confession (seriously, even Tony and Blakely’s scene from Bachelor Pad teared me up), I am sorry to disappoint you, but that is not the type of box I was thinking of.

I have not splurged in a while, and I cannot be happier with this purchase! The blend of class and edge, the PERFECT heel height, and a tiny bit of discount that she probably gives anyone but still makes any purchase a better experience…

I actually already have a nude pair of heels that I admittedly don’t wear much.. I always feel terrible when I favour one over another, but when it’s not right, it’s not right.. I’m sorry!!! Seriously guys, when you shop, be respectful to the products that you buy, and the money that you earned! I have so many more pairs I have yet to break in to… Anyways, since I am uploading photos, here is a happiness in a dish.

A gratin of rice, white sauce seasoned with mentaiko (marinated roe), potato, mayo, and cheeeeeese. Yes, yes, it sounds like a heart attack but it was good! Kind of wish the portion was smaller, so it would be a great sharing dish. Next time I would try one with more goods in it like scallops and mushroom. Yum.

What has been making you happy lately? Happy weekend!

Sauvignon Blanc 2012.

28 08 2012

The first time that I got drunk, ever, I was still in high school. One of the guys brought out what looked like a small bottle of water which turned out to be vodka of course. After the first four shots, I was clearly intoxicated and decided to call my long distance boyfriend, crying. I guess the booze got me all vulnerable and I started missing him. He got mad and I didn’t understand why.. honestly I still don’t understand but according to him, he just didn’t like it that I was drunk. Um, okay, at least I was thinking of you, douche bag.

Since then, I haven’t really drunk dialled anyone I wasn’t supposed to, and quite frankly, I have no urges whatsoever to talk to any of my exes. So I thought I would share this with the guys and the girls out there who might relate to this more.

Stay classy, and don’t waste your buzz on the people that didn’t bother to treat you right. Cheers.

Eating Kit Kat the right way.

15 08 2012

At first I just thought this was funny:

And then today, I actually saw my sister eating it like that. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO EAT KIT KAT??

Speaking of Kit Kat, did you know that they are originally from the UK? I have always thought they were Japanese just because they were the one coming up with the weirdest most interesting flavours.

I have come across the Japanese flavours like wasabi flavoured or soy sauce flavoured, but who knew that was merely scratching the surface? You can see the entire list here, but to name a few, apple vinegar…? Aloe vera….? English mustard? Watermelon with salt?

Potato flavoured.

Apple vinegar flavour.

Roasted corn flavour.

And to think I was blown away with wasabi and soy sauce…. Would you give these a try?