New Year’s Eve.

27 12 2011

I am currently thoroughly enjoying the new show, 2 Broke Girls very much. Not only is it about cupcakes, it’s also about beautiful(?) friendship between two girls who cannot be any more different from each other, and some life lesson about hard work and stuff. Max’s sense of humour is hilarious, and Carolyn is just absolutely adorable, even though when she first came on, she acted more like a bimbo than a brat. If you haven’t see it already, check it out!

Now on to my fashion dilemma. Now that Christmas is over, it is time for people to clean up their Christmas trees and get ready for the last night of this eventful year. I’ve had somewhat a not-too-exciting countdown for the past few years, but this year, I feel like it’s going to be epic. With someone special to kiss at midnight, a friend who I can count on who will make sure I behave, and an expensive ticket to a hot party, I am excited but slightly nervous at the same time. But let’s not talk about why I could possibly be nervous to party with a bunch of my boyfriend’s friends who are much older, and are quite the wild partiers, and focus on the more emergent problem at hand: MY HAIR.

This is my choice of dress for the New Year’s Eve. Nothing too fancy, very plain, but with lots of potential. I am thinking of pairing it with some designed tights, sexy heels, and a statement necklace.

Because the dress is plain, but the styling won’t be, I’m a little lost as to how to do my hair.. Here are my options:

The usual: casually and naturally down.

Sleek ponytail, minus the bling.

Or the french bun, showing off the bare shoulder.

Thinking from the practical point of view, I’m thinking just let it down naturally because I’ll be dancing all night, but I don’t know if I’ll be looking under-dressed or not,  although probably not. Or perhaps curl it?



Caramel Apple Christmas.

27 12 2011

Happy Boxing Day! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. I’m sure that each and everyone one of you have a unique way of celebrating this holiday, and for me this year, it has been all about food.

I tried making turkey the year before last, and I thought it turned out all right. I’m not a big fan of the big bird to begin with but it was good, but way way too big! So I was thinking that this year, I was going to try something much smaller, like perhaps a Cornish hen per person, or maybe even quail. Something smaller because they just taste better, easier to handle, so I can just focus on making a kick ass stuffing, instead of worrying about the 10lb turkey like last year.

Well that didn’t happen. I didn’t get to have my second round at making a Christmas bird. Instead, I had a request to bake an apple crisp, which in all honesty, was probably up my alley more than birds. Besides, if apple crisp was going to be more appreciated than my small bird, I will gladly make apple crisp instead. I looked up a couple of recipe and came across this one website, Patina White by Beth Schaleben for her best caramel apple crisp. What was different is that she uses quite a bit of vanilla pudding mix in her recipe, and to be completely honest, I was sold when she sounded so convincing that this was really the best recipe for caramel apple crisp.

Layer 1:

I really wish I cut the apples bigger because once cooked, the texture was pretty much gone, I was hoping for something crunchier. In the recipe, they merely said “slice it” and I made an executive decision to make it this small. Still delicious though, not too sweet. In this, white sugar, vanilla pudding mix, lemon juice, cinnamon.

Layer 2:

caramel. The recipe had its own way of making caramel, but she also said that we can use one of those ready made sundae caramel toppings. I wasn’t bothered to go through her recipe, nor did I want to use the store bought one, so I used this recipe I found for banoffee pie. Basically I boiled a whole can of sweetened condensed milk for three hours, and voila, delicious caramel.

The best part was that the caramel was being made while I prepared for the other two layers.

Layer 3:

In this, quick oats, butter, brown sugar, and more vanilla pudding mix. I was a little hesitant about this much vanilla pudding mix in a recipe, especially when it’s not the usual ingredient people use in apple crisps. The comments on this recipe did say that this recipe was tad bit too sweet, but again, being the unquestioning reader that I am, I followed the recipe exactly especially because the writer of the recipe insisted I use this much vanilla pudding mix. She actually noted (TRUST ME) right after she listed two boxes of vanilla pudding mix in the list of ingredients.

Final product:

Indeed, tad bit too sweet, but still good nevertheless. Definitely have them with either whipped cream, custard, or ice cream because those will help with this excessive sweetness. It was delicious though, don’t get me wrong!

Next year: definitely making small bird!! And if you were wondering, this is my 10lb turkey from two years ago:

Reporting from Starbucks.

21 12 2011

After sleeping in, and a few hours of TV binging, I have decided to leave the comfortable apartment to come catch up on my weeks of overdue work with my favourite holiday drink at Starbucks. Who knew such an innocent plan of mine would cause so much frustration to my day.

For someone with a laptop, one of the first thing you check when you enter any Starbucks establishment is whether or not, there’s enough work space for you at that specific Starbucks. Despite the many baby carriages at this Starbucks, there were a few tables vacant, so I decided to make my order and waited patiently for my drink to be made. Just as I was waiting, a group of kids came in with Starbucks in their hands, and they made themselves right at home at 99% of the available space. IS THAT EVEN ALLOWED?

Luckily, right beside the waiting area, there was like a counter bar available with two seats open, which I was eyeing. But of course, right before my drink arrived, two ladies came in and sat down, WITHOUT ORDERING ANYTHING, and one left to the bathroom. SO OBVIOUS they were only there for the bathroom. I even asked them if the seat was open or not, since I was almost sure they would be leaving as soon as they were done with their business in the bathroom. Guess not, because the lady told me that she is saving the seat for her friend. Then ta-da, came my Caramel Brulee Latte, but too late, there were no more seats available. Learning from the best, I decided to evacuate to another Starbucks, holding my proof of payment in hand, which kept me warm.

The next Starbucks I arrived at 10 mins later, I also did not get to sit, because some guy took it right under my nose. No hard feelings though, I don’t want him to experience what I went through at the original Starbucks. So there I go again, searching for emptier Starbucks.

I hope you are spending your cold Tuesday afternoon in a happier manner!


19 12 2011

some really really amazing Chinese food, and I don’t mean like the food court fast and convenient and FAKE kind. But the downside of going to a proper Chinese restaurant though? It’s designed for a big party, because their portions are huge and you really want to order so many things because they are all so delicious.

Walnut Shrimp – deep fried shrimp served with candied walnut and heavenly blend of mayo and sweetened condensed milk. This sounds weird but Gosh they are one of the best dishes out there.

I never know if they are quails or pigeons, but basically, roasted small birds. The great thing with roasted small birds is that they are small enough that every bite you take is actually flavourful. With turkey or even chicken, I feel that the seasoning doesn’t get through the whole thing! These are so good.

Peking duck – need I say more? Well maybe a little less spring onion, more duck, and much more sauce!

Jelly fish – I didn’t actually know that many westerners are repulsed by this, as I adore this dish. It’s a good balance for when you are eating those heavy greasy chinese food, because jelly fish is light, and cold, and yummy, think pickles, or seaweed salad. I could eat this everyday.

Chinese Calamari – basically deep fried squids with salt, pepper, and chili. Seasoned so perfectly.

Steamed Fish – Definitely not designed for a dinner for two! The secret to this dish is their broth/soy sauce thing – just a good balance of sweet and salty. SO GOOD! I do like my seafood!

Anyone hungry yet? Let’s head out to some Chinese restaurant!

Today’s Look 1.7

19 12 2011

Not exactly the winter-appropriate shoes, but I am trying to get comfortable in these babies. It’s supposedly half a size bigger than my usual size but for some reason I feel like this pair is too small! In love with the design though, and the colour. They had camel and this pink, and I opted for pink even though the other one probably had the size that was more fitting to me. The heels could be slightly higher though.

I am pairing these shoes with a pair of black skinny jeans, black tunic, and a beige cardigan. The two special items that I think make this look are the heels, and this ring.

When the weather is this cold, I never used to care how I looked, I focused more on just being warm. It was so bad that when I was in school, I actually went to class with my jammies and just a hoodie on top. Don’t worry, I only did that to lectures where I knew no one in. But yesterday when I came home after the gym, my boyfriend actually commented on how weird it was that I was wearing my leggings with my running shoes! Is it actually that bad…? To be fair, I was coming home from gym and sauna..

For the record, living with the boyfriend is going pretty well. I feel so weird to be the one deciding on when to do laundry and when to run the dishwasher though, so I always let him do it. Does that make me a bad girlfriend/roommate?

Baby it’s cold outside.

14 12 2011

So here is a bowl of Miso BBQ pork Ramen to warm you up.

Magical. I just wish they make smaller bowls.

The view from above.

14 12 2011

From the loft downtown. The sky in the first picture was supposed to be purple, but I obviously failed to capture it.

The first time I have heard of this guy, he was presented to me as one of my boyfriend’s scumbag friends. Now, growing up with flowers and unicorns, I obviously had no idea what that even meant. But from the story told to me by my boyfriend, this guy would try to sleep with the bunch of girls his roommate brings home after a night out. I guess I got a sense of what scumbags are. Sounds like a sweet guy, huh?

Anyways, six months have passed, and he has a special girl in his life now, though he still does not want to make her his gf. I haven’t met her yet, but from what I know, she is seven years younger than him, and despite not being his gf, they are planning on moving in together. Fast paced, I see. But EVEN THEN, he is still asking me if I have any friends I could hook him up with. Um, what?

Apparently, while he really likes her, hell, he might even love her (those are all his words), he can’t see himself marrying her. He is of an age, where marriage is probably not too far away, and he feels that staying with this girl will only delay his chances of meeting someone who he could spend the rest of his life with. I guess it could be her, but 1. she is way too young, and 2. he wants to find a girl who his mom could love. I think that is sweet, that this guy who used to (and still) go on drugs and raves and sleep around is this concern of his mommy, but what about the girl? I wonder if she knows any of this?

First off, age thing just sucks. There is absolutely nothing you can do about that, and it is a sucky reason not to consider her in your future for that. And secondly, okay, so she parties, and does drugs, but isn’t that why you guys get along? Maybe she’s not a bring-to-mommy material, but she could be! I know  I look great on papers and most mommies love me, but believe me there are things I would never tell my mother in law or even my friends’ mom! I’m just hoping that she knows where he is at..

You know how they say every girl has a guy she can never get over? It would suck for true love to be broken apart by reasons like these. I on the other hand, cannot wait to meet her.

Note: Look up other words for “suck”. Go me!