29 11 2011

Not being able to enjoy food for the past few days, i’m starting to go through some withdrawal. Granted, I’ve lost a bit of weight (to come back right up as soon as I go back to my usual diet), but I really really miss good food! So I thought I would share one of my go-to recipes..the amazing spare ribs.

My mother makes amazing ribs, and all she does is marinate them in salt, pepper and garlic. I don’t know how she does it, but it comes out magical. I on the other hand, have to rely on a bit more of flavour provoking ingredients, but I promise you that this is one recipe worth trying. Doesn’t require a lot of ingredients, or skills, for that matter.

What you need:

700 g of ribs (enough for 2~3 people)
3 tbsp of soy sauce
3 tbsp of sugar
2 tbsp of ketchup
1 tbsp of cooking wine
1 tbsp of worcester sauce
4 tsp of minced garlic
1 tsp of minced ginger
salt and pepper

Now, garlic and ginger can easily be substituted with garlic and ginger powder, if you don’t want to buy a whole bunch of fresh ones if you’re just going to use a few teaspoons of each (if you use powder, you won’t have to use them up in just a few days). If you, like me, had to steal some ketchup from local McDonald’s and didn’t get enough, you can mix up a bit of brown sugar with a splash of soy sauce.Worcester sauce can also be substituted with a good balance of soy sauce and vinegar. If you end up substituting more than one thing on this recipe, I don’t guarantee how they will turn out though he he.

First, stab your ribs a few times with a fork.Season them with plenty of salt and pepper.

Prepare two layers of plastic bag (I use two large size ziploc bag), place the salted and peppered ribs in it.

Add the rest of the ingredients in to the bag, and mix them together, well with the ribs.

Once all the ingredients are mixed as one, leave the whole bag in the refrigerator. Of course, if you don’t have time, it will still taste plenty good cooked then, but the longer you marinate them, the more flavourful the ribs will be. I usually marinate them for about 3 hours.

I have tried grilling them, but it came out a little dry, so I prefer pan frying them. Make sure you don’t undercook it, or burn it.


The leftover sauce at the bottom of the bag would add some really juiciness to the ribs if you cook them together. In this picture, I actually split the sauce up, to use with the ribs and to season my stir fried carrots and mushroom. They turn out great both ways. I actually can’t wait to make these again!


Wishful Thinking.

28 11 2011

Don’t you ever wander what life (or I guess, job hunting) would be like, if every potential employer actually get back to you?

I could only wish. 

ANTM All Star.

28 11 2011

I have caught up with my America’s Next Top Model since I have been on my bed rest for three days now. From the start, I have been rooting for Allison and  Kayla,  so I was a little sad to see Kayla go! Especially since she went so far last time, I honestly thought she was going to be on the top two! Anyways, with four girls left, GO ALLISON!!!

Not only is she good at what she does, I also think she’s interesting.. Like you actually would go out of your way to see what she’s up to and how she is performing and stuff. I honestly think that she would make a good all star, and that she has a serious shot at it!

But I’ll admit, the song that’s been stuck in my head is Shannon’s “World Go Round”.

When I think of you, I’m reminded that some dreams do come true.

A little too early for me to say that, but hopefully, one day.

Warning: Whining.

27 11 2011

So at this moment, I am really holding grudges against my boss, because she knew I was sick as a dog, had to get my wisdom teeth removed, yet she still made me go to work on a Saturday.. when I didn’t need to. At this point, I felt like quitting this job was in the top 5 best decisions I have made in my life. Score. But then again if you ask me what the other 4 were, I cannot tell you, because I have no idea. Have I made that many good decisions in life? I don’t know what it says about me that I cannot answer this question..

Anyways, turned out I was sicker than I thought, other than having a cold, swollen gum, and two missing teeth, because I have been in bed all day today because of my abdominal pain. Wow, can this get any worse? So now the burden goes to you who has to read me rambling, because my TV show is currently loading at a snail speed an hour. Not that I don’t like blogging, because I do, I just try to keep my whining at a minimum. Nobody likes to hear other people complain about how their lives suck, because let’s face it, all of our lives hit few bumps with no exceptions.

I WAS SUPPOSED TO GO SHOPPING TODAY TOO dammit!! I am going away next week and had a few things to buy before I hop on the plane and now this is ruined! I had two pairs of shoes in mind, and they closely resemble these:

Very minimal design, but the most gorgeous colour in the rainbow.. Now, I am not a big fan of flats, for some reason I find them the most uncomfortable thing you can put on your feet, but these were so comfortable. I seriously feel like I’m just wearing socks when I tried this on. I just love LOVE the colour. Then I came across these,

UGH, heels are just so hard to say no to!!!!! But unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I don’t know) I haven’t found these in stores yet!! I think I would actually pick heels over flats too..

Now, these are the second pair I was eyeing! I know they’re so simple, but I am looking for heels that I can wear to work, BUT not matronly. I just need a good mix of sophistication with playfulness, and I think that’s a hard combo to find. Now, I love peep-toe heels, but some work places request your toes to be covered, so I guess it’s not appropriate for work, sigh. If I could, I would actually wear them, even in the coldest winter!

I want to go to work looking like that. Maybe I will just get one pair of gorgeous black pumps? I wanted to stay away from any colour that makes my legs short, but really, I can just settle for black, can’t I? Classic look never fails. Also, Cambridge Satchel looooove. (influence from Minty and Peaches, I am sure)

Note to self: must find not only chunky necklaces, but long ones too. Long and chunky, that’s the goal! Love this look. I guess tucking in the shirt doesn’t always have to be the style?

Wrong Number Dear.

24 11 2011

One summer, I was living away from home because things were just getting ridiculous. Close friends were driving me crazy, boy troubles were over the top, and I just really needed some time away from it all. I spent four months in this “foreign” city and had an unbelievable summer. I had work to do, money to spare, and had a group of great friends, so life was kind of amazing. I was somewhat single, although there was a guy in the picture. He was a lot more in to it than I was, and for that reason, he never became my boyfriend, despite how great of a guy he was. Anyways, one day I got a text message from an unknown number, though the area code showed that it was from the city I lived in before the summer. The sender of the text basically warned me that my boyfriend is actually her boyfriend, and pleaded for me to stop ruining their year long relationship, with horrible English. And by horrible, I don’t mean vulgar, I actually mean a disgrace to English language in terms of spelling and grammar. But to be fair, I don’t think she is from an English speaking country because she mixed a lot of foreign language in the text.


The first thought in my head was simply …w.t..f…., and despite the craziness of the text, I responded. I patiently texted back saying she must have gotten the wrong number because for the first time, I don’t have a boyfriend. And then I wished her luck.




So I said something along the line of: seriously, wrong number. You are wasting your time talking to me, because I really am not with your boyfriend. Why don’t you give me your boyfriend’s number so I can actually check if I really know the guy, or better yet, confront him yourself. I really wish I could help you, but I have no clue who you or your boyfriend is.


I don’t really remember what her reply was, but it was pretty much her convincing me that what she is saying is true, though if I was with someone else’s boyfriend I would know. I even checked with the guy I was seeing if this was his girlfriend, then I checked back to like, my past three boyfriends to see if they knew this girl. Nope, nothing.


Eventually she stopped texting, much to my disappointment. I hope she dumped the cheating boyfriend’s sorry ass.

Futuristic Lover.

22 11 2011

I adore this Fall Winter Collection by Camelia Skikos.

While I do think that these clothes are wearable in real life, I think the styling and the photographing and the modeling of this collection is just spot on beautiful. I also love the familiar face, Raina Hein, who was a contestant in America’s Next Top Model! She went as far as top two, and I really would have loved to see her win but it seems like she is doing great anyways. She reminds me a bit of Adriana from 90210.

I want that jacket in the third image!!! Something I could actually wear out all winter, drool. Beautiful colour, beautiful cut, maybe the sleeves could be a little longer but that’s just gorgeoussss.

Smokey Goodness.

22 11 2011

I was introduced to this amazing existence when I was in San Francisco. Who knew there was such a thing?? I mean, caramel+ ice cream is not at all uncommon, but this was truly magical: salted caramel ice cream.

It’s no secret, I am a legitimate sweet tooth, but I am a little picky about the sweetness of my confectioneries. For example, I love chocolate (really, who doesn’t), but I only eat dark chocolate because everything else is just too sweet, unless they are used as an ingredient in a dessert (like white chocolate cheesecake, those, I devour). So I knew caramel ice cream was loved by many, but I wasn’t one of them, because it was slightly sickeningly sweet to me. But salted caramel ice cream just had the right amount of sweetness, a bit of saltiness, and that smoky-burnt-sugar goodness that all worked together in a delicious combination that wasn’t even fair! I am so going back there.

Another interesting ice cream flavours I came across that had a memorable it-factor was this:

Okay, I figured that could be just about anything.. but it’s toasted marshmallow flavour! Again, marshmallow + ice cream is nothing new, but this is marshmallow (toasted) flavoured ice cream!! They are not too sweet, and has that smokey goodness to it, just deliciousss! I have also seen toasted marshmallow milkshake on food network, and I definitely have to give that a try sometime in this life. Lucky for us, you can actually make any of these in the comfort of your home, thanks to the internet. Check them out if you’re interested, and do let me know how they turn out, or better yet, invite me over for a scoop or two!