Sauvignon Blanc 2012.

28 08 2012

The first time that I got drunk, ever, I was still in high school. One of the guys brought out what looked like a small bottle of water which turned out to be vodka of course. After the first four shots, I was clearly intoxicated and decided to call my long distance boyfriend, crying. I guess the booze got me all vulnerable and I started missing him. He got mad and I didn’t understand why.. honestly I still don’t understand but according to him, he just didn’t like it that I was drunk. Um, okay, at least I was thinking of you, douche bag.

Since then, I haven’t really drunk dialled anyone I wasn’t supposed to, and quite frankly, I have no urges whatsoever to talk to any of my exes. So I thought I would share this with the guys and the girls out there who might relate to this more.

Stay classy, and don’t waste your buzz on the people that didn’t bother to treat you right. Cheers.


Pandora’s Box; would you?

26 08 2012

You see your significant other’s facebook wide open while you’re home alone. Would you take a look? And if you find something bad, would you confront them, even if it means you have to admit to them that you went through their personal stuff?

One of my friends specifically told us NEVER to leave our facebook pages open unattended, because she guarantees she would go through them. Well, at least she is honest. One day her guy actually left his facebook open which she found after he went to bed. Sure enough, she went through it, and without having to go far, she found something incriminating. Uh-oh.

Another one of my friends also went through his girlfriend’s facebook and also found through rummaging it that she has been unfaithful. There goes another uh-oh.

In both of their cases, they did confront their siggy O’s. The guy in the first story did get a little upset that she went through his private messages, but she claimed that his inbox was wide open and she could tell at a first glance that he was in the wrong. Smart cover up on her part, really.

I’m just wondering though, is it so wrong to want to go through their private information?

I have had the similar conversation with my boyfriend and something about trust was brought up. But is it really the lack of trust, or is it merely a curiosity? Okay, if my friend tried to break in to her man’s account just to catch him, then yes, maybe that’s a problem of trust. But if it was right in your face, is she really in the wrong to want to take a peek?

If my boyfriend went through my facebook, would I get mad? Not really. For one, it’s partially my fault for leaving it unattended, and for two, I have nothing to hide. The worst thing he’s going to find is how much I actually liked that one guy I was seeing before I met him. Embarrassing? Hell yeah, but far from incriminating. I’m sure Pandora didn’t open the box because she didn’t trust God.. She was just curious like any other human would be.

Eating Kit Kat the right way.

15 08 2012

At first I just thought this was funny:

And then today, I actually saw my sister eating it like that. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO EAT KIT KAT??

Speaking of Kit Kat, did you know that they are originally from the UK? I have always thought they were Japanese just because they were the one coming up with the weirdest most interesting flavours.

I have come across the Japanese flavours like wasabi flavoured or soy sauce flavoured, but who knew that was merely scratching the surface? You can see the entire list here, but to name a few, apple vinegar…? Aloe vera….? English mustard? Watermelon with salt?

Potato flavoured.

Apple vinegar flavour.

Roasted corn flavour.

And to think I was blown away with wasabi and soy sauce…. Would you give these a try?

Legend says.

11 08 2012

Now I don’t feel too too bad about all of my sleepless nights.