Health Diary.

15 04 2014

Yes, I like to stay active, but more than that, I like to eat.

I have surprised way too many people with how much I can eat, and they wonder how I stay in shape. Girllllll, obviously I work for this body, those calories ain’t gonna burn themselves! But then sometimes I even scare myself with how much I can eat… And one way of controlling my cravings, I have realized, is to let the whole world know what a little piggy I can be. Let the world judge, and that is how I’m going to control myself!

Open grilled cheese (half a whole wheat triangular Ciabatta with shredded marble cheddar)

Three kiwis

Four Oreo’s (the 30% less fat kind!)
A handful of black and white kettle corn

Two cups of Edamame
Half a pork chop

Now, these aren’t so bad right? Well, it’s because I told myself I was going to broadcast what I ate today so I kept my snacking to an absolute minimum. Also, we need to go get groceries so badly, we have nothing left in our fridge……

Give it a try, you’ll be surprised how exposing your eating habit can do for you!

**I also started wearing a pedometer so I can keep track of how much I’m moving. Yesterday, I did about 13,500 steps. This included 90 mins in the gym though (60 min cardio + arms and abs work).




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