One word…

7 04 2013

…for the season finale of Suits, second season:

from hardypine's tumblr

um, hotttttttttttttttttt!

so painful to watch through… yet so perfect when they come together. I have a Mike Ross in my life too, I wonder if we will ever happen?

June cannot come soon enough, though I hate to see the change in Harvey and Mike’s dynamics!


Summer Couch Potato.

1 07 2012

The shows that are keeping me happy and busy this Summer:

Masterchef (Season 3)

A chance to see the softer, sweeter side of Gordon Ramsay! I have been a huge fan of his since my high school days watching the first season of Hell’s Kitchen. The show aims to give opportunities to amateur chefs to showcase their talent, with three celebrity chef judges guiding/mentoring/ shooting them down shaping them.

Don’t they look so chummy? They cannot be any more different, and their dynamic is definitely a vital part that makes this show.

The other must see’s on this show are:

  • Christine, the amazingly talented chef, who is actually missing one important sense – her sight. I like that she doesn’t use her disadvantage as an excuse, I like that she is grounded, and she is so humble! But don’t mistaken her earthiness for weakness, because oh she can fight!
  • Tanya, the nice chef who is so kind to everyone, and can still get along with the most hated guy on the show.
  • Monti, who makes the funniest comments. “What kind of dick gives a live crab to the blind chick?” hehehe.
It is also interesting to compare this show with Masterchef Australia, and its spinoff, Junior Masterchef. The cultural differences were purely amusing, but that deserves an entire post on its own.

Pretty Little Liars (Season 3)

Kind of like Desperate Housewives, mix with Gossip Girl. Definitely dark and twisted (especially now!!!!), but these four girls help lighten it up with their tight friendship, amazing fashion, and some usual high school stuff like prom and boys.

Two things to complain though, if I may.. For one, no one really dresses like that in high school. I don’t dress up like that unless I’m going to a stylish high profile social event! Another thing is, the show started showing the antagonist, who goes around in black leather coat and black leather gloves. I know that the producers are trying to keep the suspense going, by letting us viewers see what this ‘A’ character is up to, but by overly covering him/her up, seems extremely staged and unnecessary. I mean, if I’m doing something shady, but in the comfort of my own home, I’m not going to be covering myself up in black leather! PS, the touch screen mouse pad on computers do not work when you’re wearing gloves!

Bunheads (Season 1)

The show that caught my attention originally because it was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the same creator as Gilmore Girls, which I absolutely loved.

So far, it has been entertaining, but I am a little disappointed by how much it resembles Gilmore Girls. I guess you will either love the resemblance, or you don’t, and I clearly don’t. When you are in the position to compare, you are going to end up liking one less than the other, and as a creator, why let the viewers have the option to like your creation less? Isn’t it better if you try to make something that is entirely different (but still you) so the audience can love them both?

The resemblance?

  • Small town charm. Paradise. As in, hi, I live in Paradise.
  • Witty brunette who talks at thousand miles an hour. Is that you Lorelai?
  • Kelly Bishop as Fanny. I am sorry, but you will always be Emily Gilmore to me!

The Glee Project (Season 2)

This is a reality show featuring the talented singers/dancers/performers who dream of being on the popular TV show, Glee. The last season ended with a surprise with two winners who were both very talented, and were a huge hit on the actual Glee so you know there’s future after the show ends.

It’s a great place to hear production of music, and it’s amazing to see the progress of each contestants. My favourite part I think, would have to be the music video! Oh, and when they sing “Keep holding on” at the end of each episode. Love.

Keep Holding On – Season 2 Episode 3 I don’t know why we can’t upload videos on here anymore, but check it out!

The Bachelorette (Season 8)

I’ve had my doubts about this show from the beginning because it was Emily Maynard, who swore she would never be a bachelorette. I was indifferent about her on Brad season of the Bachelor, felt incredibly sorry for him the way it ended, and I just did not understand what was the hype about her on Ashley’s season of the Bachelorette, but now I am a lot easier on her after seeing her season. I like that she is ballsy, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. But hypocrite much? I read somewhere (fine, maybe she didn’t actually say this, but she was quoted) that the two things she wants to eliminate on her season are the abundant hot tub scenes, and the lips locking with every contestants. Yet here she was, sulking that some guys haven’t kissed her already.

Breaking Pointe (Season 1)

This is probably the one I anticipate the most! It is a show that follows the lives of professional ballerinas in Ballet West, one of the most famous ballet company in the United States. Unlike shows like the Glee Project or America’s Next Top Model, the people here aren’t the hopefuls, they are the ones that have made it. Like they say on the show, the hardest part is not getting there, it is staying there.

I enjoy seeing their day to day lives, but also their performances. Their interaction within the ballet productions, their rehearsals, as well as their socialization during their down times are so intriguing, unless it’s Allison and Rex, because they are unnecessary drama. Yes, I’m definitely team Beckanne!

This show definitely restarted my love of ballet. If I ever have a daughter, watch out, she will be put in leotards for sure, if not ballet, then gymnastics! The creative production of the show in itself is also very beautiful. It is unlike any other, and you know, whoever is producing the show are real artists, as opposed to the typical entertainment gurus.

What are you watching this Summer? And what are your thoughts on the shows I have listed here? My friends seem to have gotten hooked on Suits, so I think I might give that a try when these shows end! Have you seen it?