One word…

7 04 2013

…for the season finale of Suits, second season:

from hardypine's tumblr

um, hotttttttttttttttttt!

so painful to watch through… yet so perfect when they come together. I have a Mike Ross in my life too, I wonder if we will ever happen?

June cannot come soon enough, though I hate to see the change in Harvey and Mike’s dynamics!


Dress Code: Corporate.

23 10 2012

My office look has always been a little more playful than corporate. I have kind of been using my department as an excuse to dress just a little more fun, just because we can. Until I changed my workplace, that is.

My title is more or less synonymous with my last one, but the work culture here is a lot more corporate, due to their internal operational reason. I however, now have to dress a lot more corporate and I am having trouble conforming to it. I kid you not, we are talking knee length skirt IN BORING COLOURS, closed toe shoes ALSO IN BORING COLOURS, and jewelry in moderation..they specifically said one ring, one bracelet, and NO VISIBLE NECKLACES. Are you kidding me?

If you are familiar with this blog, you would know that 1. I love colours, 2. I love statement jewelries  3. I love arm candieS, and 4. I love colours. But I did my research, and guys, please meet my new style icons.

Rachel Zane from Suits. I’m currently finding it hard to find long skirts that are tight enough for it to still look good. Wonder where she shops?

The one and only, Blair Waldorf. Slightly more chic than corporate, but I wonder if I can get away with it?

And the always gorgeous Duchess Kate. Well, minus the gowns, probably not very appropriate for work.

If you have any suggestions, or tips on how to go about breaking the corporate rules discreetly, do share! Or any other style I should check out?