One word…

7 04 2013

…for the season finale of Suits, second season:

from hardypine's tumblr

um, hotttttttttttttttttt!

so painful to watch through… yet so perfect when they come together. I have a Mike Ross in my life too, I wonder if we will ever happen?

June cannot come soon enough, though I hate to see the change in Harvey and Mike’s dynamics!


Currently watching…

23 07 2012

A relatively new TV series about a ridiculously talented duo lawyers. It is slightly more legal-technical than I would like but nonetheless, very entertaining. And good looking, might I add.. What makes the show is of course, the dynamic of Harvey and Mike, a hot shot senior partner and a crazy smart troubled child turned golden boy. Speaking of Mike, am I the only one who thinks Mike looks a little bit like the younger version of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother? But less quirky, more adorable.

My least favourite character? Rachel the paralegal. There’s nothing quite as annoying as a girl who thinks very highly of herself in terms of both beauty and smart. Ugh, get over yourself.

What have you been watching lately?