One word…

7 04 2013

…for the season finale of Suits, second season:

from hardypine's tumblr

um, hotttttttttttttttttt!

so painful to watch through… yet so perfect when they come together. I have a Mike Ross in my life too, I wonder if we will ever happen?

June cannot come soon enough, though I hate to see the change in Harvey and Mike’s dynamics!


Did I really just watch the finale of Gossip Girl…?

31 12 2012

I know I am late, forgive me, when did this episode air?

It really is the series finale? I feel like I’m saying good bye to a group of friends!

Truth be told, it hasn’t always been good.. But I do think that the show picked up this season so I guess it was a good time to end. What are you guys’ thoughts on it?

What do I have to say about it…?

Serena’s dress is GORGE. It’s so her, don’t you think?


Don’t tell, I’m scared.

9 12 2011

I had something great going, I made a conscious decision to leave that behind for this life. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but GOOD LORD this is crazy.

I am walking around in tippy toe, trying to cause the least amount of annoyance to any cosmic energy, or anything that could potentially piss anyone or anything off. Yet I can’t step away from the internet or my phone just in case someone needed me. Oh Gosh, how much longer do I have to endure this? But then again I always felt that “taking a long time” was a good thing. Right, right? Because they are taking the time to consider you. YES? They could easily just say NO and move on, but the fact that they are spending time on you sounds like you have a chance. If they are spending time on you that is, maybe they put you on the back burner and doing 100 other things while you wait – OMG AN EMAIL!

Never mind, not what I was waiting for. Actually, an ad mail, dammmit.

To distract myself (and not anyone else), I am currently reading about all the theories and suspicions people have about last night’s finale of America’s Next Top Model. I felt like it was “meh”, for some reason it didn’t feel like a finale. It wasn’t grand, it wasn’t exciting, it just wasn’t living up to all of its hype. I had a feeling Lisa was going to win, but I so wanted it to be Allison! And what exactly happened to Angelea? What could be bad enough that she got disqualified? People on the internet are feeling the same way about this: the viewers deserve a better explanation.

I mean, they hardly said anything about Angelea being disqualified! Which probably means that this is serious, or personal, because if it wasn’t, I’m sure the show producers could have handled this matter better. Also, usually in the finale, winners are announced in┬áthat foreign country. The fact that they had to re-shoot the finale in LA is a little suspicious, don’t you think? Whether Angelea is there or not, if she wasn’t the original winner, wouldn’t their finale shot in Crete would be acceptable? Well the production team sure did something right; even after the finale, people are still talking about the show, but the bad thing is, people are disappointed. Damage control better hurry up, Tyra.

Fierce and Love.

PS. LOVE how they called Allison, Alli Cat haha. This hat is just adorable too.

Now I will go back to living in a hole, away from civilization, and anything that could get me in trouble.

Bachelor Pad contd.

22 09 2011

Again, spoiler alert!

I am just watching the finale of Bachelor Pad season 2.. How do I like it so far? Well, I’m happy for Blake and Holly, and I feel so good Vienna and Kasey had the chance to see and hear what everybody else feels about them. That sure felt good. And while we are on their topic, no offense but if Bachelor Pad is all about relationship and being a team, you two definitely didn’t deserve it. When they were eliminated, it obviously was devastating for both of them, but all Vienna could say was “it’s because of you we’re here”. Wow, way to be a team. Look at Kirk and Ella, they sure handled it differently.

So I haven’t finished the finale yet, but I just had one big comment. CHRIS HARRISON, WHY ARE WE KEEPING THE FINAL GAME THE SAME AS LAST SEASON???? The whole prisoner’s dilemma, share x keep thing.. WHY?????? Obviously the finalists were prepared for this final game, so honestly I don’t think it’s any “test to the relationship”… I enjoyed Bachelor Pad season 2, but this final ending was such a let down.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I will return to my show and see how it ends.