Girliness overload.

2 02 2013

My recent purchases – I’ve been pretty attracted to lots of blings and shiny stuff lately!

iPhone camera

From iPhone camera

from iPhone camera

I love those earrings where the pair is not identical! Just enough similarities so that it doesn’t look too random, but different enough to keep them interesting.

My earrings phase come and go, and right now, I am sooooo in! No more discrete ones, I want them to scream out and make a statement. Take that, corporate dress code.

I am also contemplating getting the earrings that match my winged ring.. Obviously I wouldn’t wear them together, but do you think they are too badass to be hanging off of my ears?

I haven’t had the chance to wear the ring yet though, because my fingers have been dolled up:

From iPhone camera.

A little Coco Chanel?

Spoil yourself once in a while, you know you deserve it!




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