Inner Badass?

21 09 2012

I arrived at my destination fairly early today, so I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood which happened to be one of my favourite shopping districts. I strutted around casually trying to not get distracted by all the things in the stores that are calling out my name, and I think I did pretty well. That is, until I came across these:


How cute are these? We all know that arm candies are so hot right now, and I truly think that leather is forever. They are gorgeous enough to stand on its own for a more polished look, but are easily matched enough to stack it up with bunch of other arm candies. What I simply cannot get enough of is how many colours they come in!


All jokes aside, I really did have a hard time choosing what colour I wanted mine in. They even come as watches!


I ended up getting mine in a dark shade of pink! I am thinking of getting one for my friend as a birthday present, but I am wondering which colour, and which style, hmm… Which one do you guys like?




4 responses

28 09 2012

Cute! What a fun rainbow of arm candy!

28 09 2012

i know! Still debating on the colour for my friend’s though.. Any particular colour you have in mind?

7 10 2012

Definitely the blue!

13 10 2012

Blue it is then! Thank you xx

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