White Washed.

6 09 2012

I woke up this morning and felt the cool crisp air, and realized that summer is coming to an end. While I did enjoy my summer in small doses, I knew I could have had way more fun if things worked out in my favour more. Anyways, this post is a tribute to my favourite look this summer, the beauty of all white outfit.

I previously disliked anything that is too matchy-matchy because in my head, it resembled clothes worn by babies or people who are on their way to bed. While the babies look absolutely adorable in them, I had no intention on looking  like them at this age.

Oh so cute!..but the only place I can rock this outfit is on a beach as a swimsuit, or in a slumber party.

That is, until I realized that the subtle clash makes all the differences. If I wanted to rock white on white, I just have to make sure that the only thing the two pieces have in common is the colour.

Aren’t lace shorts just the cutest thing ever?

Combining another colour in to the outfit can be done easily too because the colour pallete is so clean to begin with.

I just love white outfits because it’s so clean, so simple, but so put together.

Brown booties to roughen up the otherwise sweet angelic look.

I know I said that this was my favourite summer look, but you bet I will be doning this look for many more seasons to come. Treat it as a staple look, because you can glam it up with any heels or accessories, or casual it down with your beachy hair and sunkissed skin. Another beauty of matching white on white, is how easy it is to rotate too. Three white tops, three white bottoms, and the look you can create from those are endless with all the accessories that you have.

I also love black on black, but it has the tendency to get a little too dark, so it is not my first pick for summer. I don’t know if other colours would work as well though, I’m still undecided on how I feel about beige on beige. I know it’s very similar to white on white, but look how different it can look! What do you think?




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