Life, from a sixteen year old.

2 09 2012

I must have been 16 or 17, or maybe even 18. I was sitting on my little desk, furthest away from the door with the windows at my back. This was my English class in high school and we were talking about some type of literature. Clearly this memory of mine is blurry at best, but what this one girl said kept coming back to me even after so many years. I so wish I could quote her word by word,  but it went something like this:

Is death really the scariest thing in this world? I’m not saying that I want to die tomorrow, but even if I do, I think I can be at peace with it.

To the 16/17/18 years old me, I took that as the type of attitude only contented people have. No one could die at peace unless they have done everything they wanted to do in life, and unless they were at a place in their life where they would have no regrets. I didn’t doubt her life satisfaction, but at the same time, I wasn’t jealous of her contented life. More than anything, I was just intrigued.

Years have gone by since high school graduation, and I haven’t seen her or heard from her in years. We weren’t that close to begin with, but the quote above kept coming back to me, and it would always make me evaluate my situation. If you fear death, it means that you still have the will to live, and there is nothing more important than that, to give yourself a better life. If you don’t fear death, then thank whoever you need to for the wonderful life that you have lived thus far.

Last night I have gotten the terrible news that this dear girl has just passed away. I hope that until the very end, she still had the same attitude on life that she did way back when. Rest in peace.




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