Eating Kit Kat the right way.

15 08 2012

At first I just thought this was funny:

And then today, I actually saw my sister eating it like that. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW HOW TO EAT KIT KAT??

Speaking of Kit Kat, did you know that they are originally from the UK? I have always thought they were Japanese just because they were the one coming up with the weirdest most interesting flavours.

I have come across the Japanese flavours like wasabi flavoured or soy sauce flavoured, but who knew that was merely scratching the surface? You can see the entire list here, but to name a few, apple vinegar…? Aloe vera….? English mustard? Watermelon with salt?

Potato flavoured.

Apple vinegar flavour.

Roasted corn flavour.

And to think I was blown away with wasabi and soy sauce…. Would you give these a try?




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