How do you like your coffee?

20 07 2012

Sweet. And milky. That is how I like my coffee. They are even better if I can mix both frothed milk and sweetened condensed milk to it. Yum.

Which is actually why I don’t drink them everyday because the ridiculous amount of sugar I add in to them are probably the equivalence of a slice of cake in terms of sugar content.

I also like my coffee with some nice biscotti. Biscottis are not really my favourite type of cookies but when paired with a nice cup of coffee, it transforms the entire experience. If you have never tried them together, please run to the nearest store near you for some biscotti. After you finish reading my post, of course. And don’t forget a cup of coffee. I promise you, it will change your (coffee drinking) world.

A gentleman in Venezuela clearly has a similar preference and knows his priority because this is what I came across this morning:

What a genius idea.

Cookie Cup

First you drink the coffee, then you eat the cup! The Cookie Cup is designed by Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi together with Italian coffee company Lavazza.

The cup is made of pastry covered with a special icing sugar, which works as an insulator, and makes the cup waterproof hence allowing you to use the cup and then appreciate its taste.

I wonder if that special icing sugar sweetens the coffee as well?

How do you like your coffee?




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