Today’s Look 2.1

18 07 2012

I feel like it’s been a while since I did my Today’s Look post, so here we are! Since the weather has warmed up, I have been drawn towards those super short shorts and tank top. Not only are they practical and comfortable, the chances of me getting ugly tan from them is less likely. But since I was meeting up with my girl friend in the city today, I thought I would go a little girly today.

I wanted my little red skirt to be the star today, and since the black belt went in on my waist nice and tight, I opted for a monochromatic, loosely fitted T-shirt to pair with my skirt. You know what is great about anything that is this short? It makes your legs look like they go on forever! I could always use some illusion there..

Also photographed here with me here is the O.N.E. coconut water that has been getting a lot of hypes lately. Apparently they are better at hydrating you than sports drink, with higher potassium in it too! But in terms of flavour, don’t expect anything like the kind you get in some tropical land. They are slightly sweetened water at best, at 60 calories per serving.

As for my art project at the tip of my fingers, I used two types of nail polish to create my best attempt of the night sky. Start off with dark blue polish, and dab the tip at the end with glittered kind – I went with light blue. I’m very happy with the end result and will definitely be doing the similar effect with different colours from now on!

Sephora by OPI – Opening Night (Opaque midnight navy), and Not Your Average Turquoise (clear with medium and chunky turquoise glitter).




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