My kind of chick.

24 06 2012

While I generally enjoy beans – from refried beans to edamame – I was never too keen on hummus. I don’t know what it was about them, because I had nothing against chickpeas, but when they were in the form of hummus, I stayed far far away.

Until yesterday, that is.

I was at a local supermarket picking up some baby spinach, because my smoothies just did not taste the same without them (check out my smoothie post here). I came across a group of people who were lining up to sample something a jolly middle aged man was giving out. There it was on the sampling table, a box of rice cracker, with 6, maybe 7 different types of hummus. There was a specific one he claimed was his favourite, so I gave it a try; it was roasted garlic hummus. It was creamy but in a healthy way, with distinct garlic taste, although it was different kind than what you get from garlic bread. It was pleasant, clearly, because I was tempted to try the other flavours. I mean, why the hell not, it was there, for us to sample.

The second one that caught my eye was the roasted red pepper hummus.

It has clear red pepper taste, but not overpowering. It was flavourful while still maintaining its hummus characteristic. I definitely preferred this over roasted garlic, I think it tasted brighter, if you know what I mean.

Usually, getting a third helping is little awkward, but I guess the jolly middle aged man didn’t mind? Plus I was desperate to try this final one and I’m glad I did, because it was the winner.

What I liked about the caramelized onion hummus was that it went well with the natural chickpea flavour, the caramelized onion complemented it well. Don’t expect the sour cream and onion type of flavour though, it’s much more subtle and much less seasoned.

I am so new to the hummus world though, what do you eat them with? Rice crackers wouldn’t really be my top pick, I know they are usually paired with pita bread? And baby carrots of course? Veggie dip in general? Would tortilla be a good substitute for pita bread? I am so happy with this new found love of a healthier dip!

What is your choice of hummus? And what do you pair them with?

Also, happy one year birthday to my blog, two days ago! Yay!




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