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17 06 2012

DIY hair mask!

I found this on the website of Stella Wish’s. I’ve seen a few like this one around, and since the reviews sounded convincing, I thought I would give it a try. I have thick, long hair, and the recipe was the perfect amount. If you have fine, thin, or short hair, maybe you could half it? It has been in my hair for 30 mins now and so far, so good!

The review warned that this might get messy – like, lay newspapers on the floor messy – but that wasn’t the case with me. I don’t think it’s any messier than store bought kind! I mean, I am waiting for the time to pass in front of the TV on my leather couch, so obviously it’s not too bad. As I apply the mixture in my hair, I could already feel it getting smoother and silkier, so I’m actually really excited to see how this is going to turn out!


After washing (I opted for conditioner too), towel drying, and sleeping on it, my hair feels average.. Slightly disappointed that it wasn’t a huge difference, but I guess just one time mask won’t make a big difference, which goes the same for store bought masks as well. Maybe I can give you a better feedback after trying it several times.

Do you have any hair mask recipe that did magic for your hair? I would love to hear all about it!




4 responses

17 06 2012

I’ve never made a hair mask but I want to… Would be interested to read a review if you find one that you love! :)

18 06 2012

I hope this recipe is THE one! I’ll get back to you on how good it turns out after a few try :)

18 06 2012
Peace Love and Glitter

Fun! I will have to try it, I have long and thick hair too. Thanks for sharing!

18 06 2012

Let me know how it goes! PS, any tips you would like to share with fellow long and thick haired girl? How do you usually style it? Have you ever had them cut short?

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