Surprising things that are making me fat.

15 06 2012

1. Pinterest

So true, couldn’t have said it better myself.

All the beautiful pictures and superb recipes, who can resist? I spend so much time on here, I don’t remember what I did with my time before I got hooked to Pinterest! And some of the recipes you find here are real keepers too, like the BEST brownie recipe known to my 20 something years of existence. I remember making them over and over again when I first discovered the recipe! The good thing is that you can find healthy recipes here, as well as real artery blockers! Hey, everybody needs to indulge once in a while…

Salmon pasta, mmmmmm…

S’mores pudding shots.

Korean style cocktail meatballs.

Green beans with shallots and goat cheese.

Pink champagne cupcakes. And so pretty too!

HolyCrapTheseAreAmazing Cookies. No joke, that is the actual name and hell yes, they do sound amazing!

Please, if you are not drooling by the end of this, you are wasting away one of the amazing senses that you are gifted with.

2. The Big Bang Theory

Yes, I know this TV show is far far farrrr from being a food show, but the food that appears on their show somehow gets my stomach growling! Especially their take out Chinese food, what is it about them?

3. A night out

Okay, I guess this is not as surprising, but have you thought about all of the hidden calories in a night out?

First, there’s the calorie you take in during the night.. Chances are, even if you dance all night, you might not burn all of those yummy cocktails unless you puke them all out. And that should never be your goal.

Thank God I’m not a beer drinker. That would be like a whole meal addition!

Spinach dip, one of my favourite bar foods. Along with wings, mozzarella sticks, ribs, nachos, calamari, and shrimp cocktail. Oh and onion rings.

Then, there’s the cravings that you get because  you’re drunk! You get hungry, and most likely, you will be craving for those fatty cheesy stuff like burgers and pizzas, fries and gravy. And since your judgement is impaired by the alcohol, you wouldn’t think twice about inhaling all of those fatty goodness. Being business savvy, food cart owners sure know where to park their carts around the time the clubs close too.

The morning after, you are hungover and crave even more unhealthy food. Seriously who wants to eat celery stick at this stage? It’s all about the love affair between you and your choice of hangover food. And since the only physical activity you are capable of is sleeping and catching up on your TV shows, there goes a trip to the gym lost.

I love me some hearty bowl of noodles the morning after. These aren’t too unhealthy right?

Ever thought of why you crave what you crave? After seeing all these amazing pictures of food, I’m so curious what you are craving now! Do share!




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