They say raw foods are the healthiest.

1 06 2012

Have you heard of that too? That raw foods are the healthiest because you get the most nutrients out of it? Don’t worry, I am not about to embark on raw food diet when I am still trying to figure out eating wheat free here.. But I do have something special and mouth watering to share with you on this joyous occasion of National Doughnut Day!

I first came across this new type of donut in a Japanese magazine a while back and I have been dying to try it. They are called Nama Donut, which translates to raw doughnut. Maybe your first reaction was “ew!”, with the image of raw, uncooked doughnut dough, but maybe you’ll change your mind once you see how pretty they are!

Looks like doughnut? I think so.. But a little shinier, are they more glazed? I really can’t seem to think of a better way to describe these, other than how they do look a little less solid… A little raw.

The story behind these “raw” doughnuts is that they are not baked nor fried, but chilled. Apparently they are products of sponge cake, mousse, and either fruits or jelly incorporated together and chilled in the doughnut mold. From those that are fortunate enough to have tried these innovative creature, they say that as soon as you bit in to the doughnut, it melts in your mouth. DAMN that sounds good. I guess they are basically mousse cake?

Here you see the three main ingredients: sponge cake, strawberry mousse, and strawberry jelly? And here I thought it might be wheat free…

Originally they only came in 12 flavours, but since more and more places have started making them, I don’t know if it’s possible for me to track down all of their flavours. Am I the only one though, that thinks it is technically baked, since the sponge cake must have been baked first…?

Either way, Happy National Doughnut Day everyone! What is your doughnut of choice?




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3 06 2012

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13 06 2012

Wow these look yummy and very pretty too! P.S. I’m hosting my first giveaway of a fabulous pair of earrings if you’d like to participate.

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