Salted Hazelnut Gelato.

29 05 2012

I once wrote a post on two of the world’s most amazing ice cream flavours here, and I am proud to say that I have found one more to join the club. If you have never tried these three flavours before, I would suggest you to go find them pronto. Make it yourself if you have to!!

It was slightly on the more expensive side, with one small cup (mine, on the right hand side) costed about the same as Grande Frappucino from Starbucks (that’s the middle sized Frappucino, for those of you who only order tall, like me!). At first I thought that maybe it was this good because it was that pricey, but after trying three different flavours from the store (they limit us to three; I went with salted caramel (of course), earl grey, and salted hazelnut) salted hazelnut was still the clear winner, so I assure you that this flavour is a definite must try.

I wouldn’t describe it as salty, but the salt added that much depth in to the hazelnut flavour, making sure that it was not just sweet Nutella or Hedgehog. I’ve tried hazelnut flavour before, and the salt really does make a HUGE difference. It was nutty, with bits of real hazelnut in it so you know it’s naturally flavoured, and not artificial syrup or whatever. As you can tell in the picture, I stuck to one flavour and one flavour only and I cleaned mine up pretty quickly though I could still eat some more, that’s how good it was.

If you were wondering, the two flavours of my friend’s choice was rose water, and espresso. I only tried the rose water one because it’s so unheard of. It tasted lightly sweet, and a little exotic with middle eastern flare. I think they had some spice in it too.

Salted caramel, roasted marshmallow, and now salted caramel.. I am curious to see what would be the next amazing flavours that will be added to my hall of fame! If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear it!




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