Sh*t people say on Facebook status.

23 05 2012

The first thing I do when I log on to facebook is check my newsfeed, even before I check my own notifications and private messages. It’s like skimming through your morning newspaper, you know? Checking out what people are up to especially when your friends and families are spread out all over the globe. I’m not going to lie, some of the most interesting links I find are through here, but it’s also true that the most annoying statuses get mixed up in here too…. To name a few,

those annoying passive aggressive messages:

UNBELIEVABLE. All I have given you is love and respect this past year and all I have gotten back was LIES. I know I should’ve seen it coming, I know I shouldn’t have given you my heart.. I hope she was worth it. 

So you’re upset? But you can’t tell it to their faces? So you have to broadcast it on facebook what you would say to the person, because you can only whine about it “secretly”… It’s definitely a cry of help, I just don’t quite understand why it has to be up in public, especially when you could kind of tell who you’re attacking and what they possibly did. Not cool.

Similarly annoying,

those sad/angry statuses that are clearly attention seeking but they refuse to tell anyone what’s wrong even when people ask.

If you don’t want to talk about it, why post it as your status?

those people that are trying too hard to sound pensive, quoting themselves:

This was posted by Cookie Monster **name has been changed:

“Somethings you just need to do once and you will remember (i.e. mistakes).” – Cookie Monster.

Not only did this “Cookie Monster” put a quotation mark on his own quote, he even made sure he signed his own name at the end to make sure everybody knows that this is his quote. What annoys me even more is that sometimes, his quote is just a paraphrase of what other famous person has said few decades ago, but oh no, he still signed his own name at the end. Oh jolly, he even gave us an example so we can better understand what he means!

those that needs to let the whole world know of their daily activities:

Just woke up from a nap. Time for hot shower, lunch, then off to work!

…and exactly what do you plan on achieving by sharing with us the most routine things about life? And word of advice girls, anything that has to do with you undressing, keep it to yourself. One time, I tried to stop a text conversation with a guy telling him imma head to shower, ttul, he responded with “oooh, you just got me excited!”. Um, NOT what I was trying to do dude. So, shower, trying on bikinis, purchasing lingerie, you might want to avoid anyone trying to fantasize you doing it.

Yes, what he said.

I understand that you’re extremely excited about the weather, but what’s next?


Rain, boo :(

New toothbrush <3

Just waxed my butt!

..You get my point..

those statuses with bad grammar and tons of spelling mistakes.

y socialcam gets hit??
i’m so curious
this shows the power of social network thingy
it also means tht ppl dnt want some privacy anymore rite??

I know my own English is not perfect, but at least I’m not trashing the language.  I have some friends who are still trying to master the language, and for some reason they insist on writing their paragraph long statuses in English. Points for trying, because practice makes perfect, but for your own sake, stick to the language that you are comfortable with.

And while we’re at it, if your English is THAT bad, don’t even think about insulting other people’s English. This is the real image that the same friend posted one time, and her caption was “their English is so bad it gives me headache. I want to fix it for them so bad!”.

Yes darlin’, it’s bad, but you’re the one to talk..?

those overly detailed statuses on your illness every fricken hour.

Yes, one time my friend updated us every hour on her pus squirting skin irritation. TOO. MUCH. INFORMATION. All we need to know is that you’re okay.

Feel free to share what gets on your nerve on facebook!




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