Home Alone – dolling up edition.

13 05 2012

What do you do when you have your place all to yourself for few days?

I woke up this morning with three and a half pairs of socks tangled around my head. Yes, you read that right, last night I went to bed with my hair stuffed in socks.

Odd, I know, there is just something about having socks in your hair that made me feel uneasy too.. I mean, these are what goes on my feet… Clean or not, I feel like on my head is not really where they belong. That is until I read online that you can curl your hair using your socks, and no heat! I love curling my hair, but most of you with long and thick hair would agree that it can take too much of your time to curl it, and it’s even more frustrating because they don’t necessarily last all day..  Not to mention that the heat is very damaging to your hair, despite the use of heat protection spray. So when I read about this method, I realized that I had to try this no matter how weird sharing my pillow with my socks would be.

How this works is basically like the old-fashioned hair rolling method. Those guys that used to curl people’s hair way before hair irons and curlers came along:

You can still find them in stores today, but just in case you’re not familiar with them, you fasten your hair around them, wait a few hours (or in my case, sleep on it) and voila, when you wake up your hair just went from straight to curly! Same goes with using your socks.. First make sure your hair is damp, and decide how many socks you want to use. The more socks you use, the smaller and the tighter the curls. As I have mentioned, I have long and thick hair so I ended up using 7 socks last night and I woke up with my hair a little too curly for my liking.  If you decide to go with as little socks as possible, just make sure that your hair is not too tight in your sock(s). For my next try, I am going to aim for 4 socks!

I turned my socks inside out, just because I felt that the inside of the socks would be less rough on my hair than the outside, but that’s up to you. Roll your hair around the socks, depending on where you want your curls to start – I started mine just below my ears. Once the hair surrounds the sock to your liking, wrap the whole thing up in to a ball of sock, just the way you would before you chuck your socks in to your sock drawer. Repeat until your entire locks are replaced by a few balls of socks. Another good thing about using socks instead of rollers are that it’s much easier on your head to sleep on, than the plastic rollers. In the morning, if your hair turns out curlier than how you like it, simply dampen your hair slightly or brush it out. What I like about the curls done with rollers/socks is how long lasting they are and how they use a lot less products so your hair looks less made up and covered in products.

Without heat or mousse/gel/wax/other products, you can get these really effortless soft curls! Let me know how it turns out if you decide to try this method!

What other ridiculous looking things would you do, when your significant other is away on a business trip? Well, other than sleeping with balls of socks, I have also been walking around the apartment with damp socks, stuffed in my gorgeous heels. I have been trying to break these heels for a while, and I recently read that damp socks speed up the process! Stay tune for the update of whether it actually works or not!

And finally, playing dress up! With my man’s shirt (I did get his permission first for the record :P) I first saw the tutorial of how to turn men’s shirts in to a mini dress, but I didn’t actually think it would be simple enough to try it out myself until I saw it being featured on Minty & Peaches’s blog here! What do you guys think? I actually think it’s a really cute look (come on, I was so in to it that I even accessorized!) but I don’t know if I would actually wear this out.. Could you tell that I am actually wearing a man’s shirt here (minus the pocket and the logo on it)? Would you wear this out?




2 responses

13 05 2012

Thanks for linking us back!! It looks good on you :D You could use it as a top and wear it out ;) Your man will be extremely pleased that his lady is wearing his shirt out – and so sexily too!

14 05 2012

Haha you’re so sweet! Thank you!!

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