All I need…

8 05 2012 for someone to fight for me, for once.

I don’t need to be that princess waiting to be saved, honestly I can fight my own battle, but when all else fails and I am inches away from admitting defeat, I really just wish that someone could take that one little step, and pull me out of this miserable hole. I just need someone to stand strong with me, so I can have my moment to cry, and let out that weakness I have been trying so hard to hide. All I really need is just that one person who is willing to take that extra step for me.

Thank your for your sympathies, and for your support. They really do warm up my heart, but if you can make a difference, make it. Please, just give me a little bit more than sympathy, obviously I’m getting enough of that because an injustice took place and anyone with a heart would sympathize with my situation. I don’t need any more “aww’s”, what I need is for you to push back your chair and say “let’s fix this”.

For those of you out there who’s in the middle of a battle as well, keep you chin up, and get yourself a macaron. The grocery store that I stopped by yesterday was giving away a small macaron the size of a blackberry, lucky me. It was purple, so light and it tasted of vanilla I think, because it wasn’t fruity or nutty (aside from the almond) and it was really really good. Sure, it’s not going to solve your problem, but it sure as hell make this world a little bit more bearable, don’t you think? More than 24 hours later and I’m still dreaming about it, so they sure did something right.

Remember, go get yourself a macaron. They are even better free.




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