Nailllllllled it!

7 05 2012

Extra points to you, if you actually read that in the infamous voice of Barney Stinson’s. I don’t actually know when (or if)  he said it, but I think of him saying it in my head, so that’s legit enough.

I know you are told never to judge a book by its cover, but whether we like it or not, first impressions are important. Not necessarily accurate but it definitely determines the relationship you are about to have with the person, no matter how significant that relationship is to be. You check out their clothes, their manners, their body language, but is it just me, who checks out their nails?

They say a lot about a person, their nails. Say your date shows up well dressed, but have disgusting nails, you could kind of tell that he is probably a slob deep down, no? And if the girl you are interviewing to be your assistant comes in with well manicured acrylic nails, you might question the part in her resume where she says she’s down to earth and likes to help out at soup kitchen. And if your son brings his girlfriend home for the first time and she’s rocking a bright red shade for her nails, you could kind of tell that she’s a confident girl despite how quiet she is at the dinner table, right?

Growing up, I used to never paint my nails because my father disliked it, and I know it didn’t go very well with my school uniform so I only played around with my toe nails. Then came college days when my go-to at nail salons was french manicure, which I still love. But lately, I have been loving the colours and all the dynamic effect you can add to it which I used to stay away from because I was scared it wouldn’t always match with what I’m wearing. But look at these, how could you not fall in love with them?

Reminds me of planetarium. Or disco.

So whimsical and dreamy! Apparently for this one, she ‘jelly sandwiched’ a few layers of the glitter, with the base colour for that depth.

Sultry, mysterious, but GLAM.

Edgy and playful at the same time.

Gradient nail art. I actually think I can try this since I have so many coloured nail polishes!

To buy:

My Private Jet by OPI.

And other glittery coats!

I think with these, the opportunities are endless. And what better time to get creative with your nails, than in the most colourful time of the year?




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