tarte – Natural Cheek Stain.

4 05 2012

My dear friend gifted me this gorgeous cheek stain by tarte for my birthday but I have been having a hard time working its magic, unfortunately.

According to the product’s website,

..cheek stains are free of alcohol so they won’t dry out your skin and oil so they won’t clog your pores. They are infused with the tarte t5 super fruite complex™ for a healthy dose of natural antioxidants.

which, really sounds pretty pretty darn great. It promises to deliver a healthy, natural glow, and the colour is oh so pretty. The main problem I’m having though, is that while I have very little to complain about my skin, they are not dewy, peachy, or flawless.

When it comes to giving your cheek some colours, most people probably opt for some blush and bronzer in the powdered form. This works great because whether you use pressed powder, mineral powder or liquid foundation, the powdered blush rests on your skin and stays there the way you intend them to.

But my main (well, the only) problem with these cheek stains is its consistency of gel. How on earth am I supposed to put them on? I think it would be the perfect item to have if you do in fact have that dewy, peachy flawless skin, because you could just dab this on and it would look all lovely. But as I do need some kind of foundation on before anything, I can’t just dab them on top of it. The fact that it’s gel means that it doesn’t blend well with any type of foundation, powder or liquid. The final effect of the foundation mix with cheek stain gel always come out as blotchy, uneven, and unflattering. What to do?

If I apply them on before the foundation, that’s like gluing a section of your paper before you shower glitters on top, but if I apply them on after the foundation, it’s like using two colours of icing on your cake.. From the reviews though, it doesn’t sound like other people are having the same problem. I think I’ll give it another try tonight, maybe I should apply it on way after my foundation, so it’s more set on my skin? We will find out!

Aren’t the names cute? Blushing Bride, Tipsy, Dollface, Natural Beauty, Blissful, True Love.. The colours are gorgeous and they smell yummy, I think I just have to figure out how it fits in with the rest of my make up.

Do you have any suggestion??




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