Let’s Start a Trend.

3 04 2012

Disclaimer: Please ignore this post if you are one of my wheat free jouney supporters! I will disappoint you….

We had a box of cookies at home, because I insisted I need them in order to clean the apartment. So not only was my significant other sweet enough to oblige, he actually let me pick what kind of cookies, because I said no to his choice of macadamia white chocolate. Now, he is usually very health conscious but who can say no to triple chocolate cookies, right?

Seriously, how can you just have one of these.. Anyways, to avoid overeating, he told me to hide the whole thing. So I did. Where would you hide a box of cookies?

The next day, as I stress out about life or slow internet connection, or something along that line, I got a text at 5:18pm, copied below:

“So I found the cookies…. And almost burned down the apartment.”


On a different note, don’t you just love getting your birthday present a month late? It’s like your birthday lasts longer. This is the newest addition to my closet:

Cute, right? One of the great things about having your friend shop for you is that they pick something you wouldn’t pick yourself, but still something that looks amazing on you. Added bonus here is that the straps are removable so no tan line!

My dear friend actually called me few weeks ago asking for my bra size to make sure the top fits. The sad part though is that the bottom doesn’t exactly fit quite nicely! Her exact words were “I wasn’t sure if your ass was as nice as mine, but I got them in my size anyways!” which is a double sting because it actually means that her butt is nicer than mine… And of course I can’t exchange them. Here’s to wearing loose bikini bottom this summer! Let’s start a trend.




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