Hindsight is always 20/20.

30 03 2012

Not long ago, I was thinking how hard living in the real world is. Looking back, high school life and even university life seemed so much simpler, lighter, and don’t hate me for saying this, but easier. But the truth of the matter is, anyone who thinks that way just forgot what life used to be like when they were younger. You know those annoying people who deserves to get spit on, who genuinely think that they are busier than you? That is exactly who you are acting like, only instead of putting more importance on your tasks, you’re putting more importance on your present self. Not much more likeable than the first, to be honest.

Maybe it’s laughable now, how I used to resent the world just because I had to take Physics class when I thought I was done with my science credits, or how my friend got mad at me because I got a part in the school play and she didn’t, or when I got kicked out of school. Looking back now, they’re merely a good story if even that. Well to be honest, I still can’t laugh about how I got kicked out of school, nor would I ever admit that to anyone, but I am honestly saying that as bad as the situation was at the time, I do not feel that I’m at a worse place now because of what happened.

So even though it feels like my world just took a turn for the worse, I need to believe that one day, I will be able to say the same thing about my current situation. Not to say that I’m going to go without a fight though, because everything is at stake here, and I mean everything. I will hold on to my chances purely with my teeth if I have to. Just you watch.




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