To Pob or Not to Pob.

21 03 2012

My hair is getting very long. Like, at the mid point of my back long. Like this long:

Sent to me by my friend, not quite sure from where.

She makes it look good though, and I agree that for the most part it’s not an entirely terrible look. But for the longest time I have been dreaming of a big hair cut to drastically change my whole look, and what I wanted was the Victoria Beckham style bob, aka, Pob.

Seriously how cute is that? The good thing with this style is that she rocks it as a brunette and as a blonde, so it kind of guarantees that regardless of your hair colour it could look good. But then again she’s drop dead gorgeous so even if her hair is blue, it would still look amazing.

But here are the reasons it might not be my best look:

  1. I have chubby cheeks. Up until now, I have told myself that I would give short hair style a try when I hit my ideal weight, because I just think it looks better on a slimmer figure. But then I realize that my chubby cheeks will probably always be there no matter how much I weight, and with this hair style, it will definitely make my face look rounder.
  2. I have a snobby look – I have been told that if I don’t smile, I look extremely unapproachable. This is one of the reasons why I always keep my hair long because it adds that feminine softness to my look, making me look friendlier. I don’t know if I want to scare people off with my look alone.
  3. On a related note, I don’t think it’s the look for happy smiley people. I mean imagine getting your pictures taken, you can’t exactly smile brightly with this hairstyle, that would just look odd.
  4. The annoyance of styling. I hardly brush my hair on a daily basis, so I don’t know if I want to spend every morning styling my hair.. Not to mention the occasional trimming required to keep the style.

I think I’m better off with long hair… Although I do need to get a new hair curler since my beloved roommate, aka, my live in boyfriend somehow dropped it and broke it. He better pay for me new one and hell yes, I am making sure I get a fancier one! Any recommendation?




5 responses

21 03 2012

You could try shoulder length or underarm length with the front sides layered from your chin downwards to frame your face?

22 03 2012

So i can keep my feminine look! How does the layer work though, will it be longer in the front or at the back?

22 03 2012

Yep – a very feminine look! :-) Well, it would start ‘high’ at about chin level at the front, on either side of your face, and slowly get longer as it goes down and back. It would be upto you how far back you want the layering to go, you might want it just a little or layers all through your hair in the behind as well. It’s best to speak to your hairdresser or someone who can cut layers so they can show you and you can look in a mirror and decide. There’s so many ways to do it – see this page on this hair website the 3rd one in the first row called ‘seanhanna’ best describes what I’m thinking of. But there’s plenty more there.

22 03 2012
26 03 2012

haha thank you!!! You are so sweet :)

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