Hypocritical Flashbacks.

18 03 2012

The first time I saw him, we were outside our lecture hall back in college, waiting to get in, but we didn’t talk or anything. Once we got in and half way through the class, the professor made us do some group work and it turns out that he was sitting close by, so around 5 or 6 of us were in the same group discussing. The term went on and we grew closer – we would walk back to our dorm together after class, we would save the other one a seat when we get to class first, those kind of things. We occasionally hung out outside of class, and have met each other’s friends but in all honesty, the course was what kept us in each other’s lives.

You know how it is in college, people tend to skip classes, a lot. We were no exception, especially since the actual course was such a bore. One time, I uploaded bunch of pictures on facebook, and he was in the album, with the caption saying “the reason I still go to class”. Now, he had a girlfriend at the time (whom I have never met because she was on exchange), and I was also seeing someone as well, so I didn’t think much of it. Our relationship has always been platonic and really, it was based on a course that we were both taking. I found out a few months later though from his friend whom I also knew (though not through him), that his girlfriend wasn’t happy with me. My first reaction was “huh?”.

I asked around my friends to see if I was being insensitive or not, and I got mixed responses. Friend 1 said I was absolutely crazy to say things like that about someone else’s boyfriend (um excuse me, I clearly mentioned the nature of our relationship in that little caption. Hell if anything that caption made our relationship sound more innocent). Friend 2 said that since I didn’t know the girlfriend, maybe I shouldn’t have broadcasted how fond I was of this guy (fair enough, but I still didn’t think what I said was that scandalous). Friend 3 was totally on my side, and said that only insecure girls would be threatened by that (although now that I think about it, they were doing long distance relationship so maybe any girl she didn’t know were somewhat threatening?).

Anyways they broke up soon after so that’s irrelevant now. The reason I am writing on this now is because maybe, perhaps, I might actually understand where this girl is coming from! Sometime last year, I was already with my current boyfriend, and he was visiting his hometown, hanging out with his old friends I’ve never met. I’m not usually the jealous type but I saw on facebook a post that he was tagged in, that says something like “looking forward to partying with my two boyfriends tonight!” then she tagged my boyfriend and another guy.

Now, I know this is some inside joke or whatever, I am not accusing her of any mistressing of any sort, but ISN’T IT A LITTLE INSENSITIVE calling someone else’s YOURS??? Yes, the fact that she tagged another guy helped a bit, but I felt like she was marking her territory or something, like she knows the him that I didn’t.

So this is me tasting my own medicine and feeling terrible about what I did. People say it all the time how you should put yourself in other people’s shoes, but really, just thinking about it for few seconds is not enough. Seriously consider how you would feel, because boy it’s not fun admitting to it few months later.




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