Wheat Free Journey Part II.

8 03 2012

Heaven’s gift for those that can’t/don’t eat wheat. I didn’t even know these existed, when I “gave up” wheat, I really thought that I had to start using Asian noodles for my pasta dishes. Thankfully there are such things as rice pasta! 

I’ve only tried the brown rice kind though, just because this was what my neighbour had, and I LOVED it! Brown rice pasta for the win! It looks a lot like normal pasta, but a little “curvier”? The edges are just rounder, and the consistency is chewy which I thoroughly enjoyed. A little bit like rice cake maybe, but it is a good enough substitute that I am okay with never going back to the normal pasta! My man doesn’t even like pasta and he enjoyed it so that says a lot. The only downside though, is that it’s still not as common so they only come in the mainstream forms. Like if you want them in ravioli or in squid ink, you’re probably out of luck. I don’t think I’ve even seen them as lasagne! But my fellow blogger suggested using tofu as substitute, so I think we don’t have to cut lasagne out of our diet just yet. Still to try it out though!

I also found in the store corn pasta! I am curious to try it, but I feel like it might have a distinct taste of corn to it, which might interfere with the flavour of the entire dish. Or maybe not, since tortilla chips are darn good with everything. I should eat more of those now actually!

My current favourite sauce: Roasted red pepper!

Such a wonderful addition of flavour to the usual tomato sauce. I just buy the jarred one and season it further, add some meat, finish it with some shredded cheese. Delicioussss!




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