Forever Wondering.

5 03 2012

I never quite understood it.. For us girls, I can think of a million things we girls do on a girls’ night – whether in or out – but boys’ night? What exactly do they do??

You see, it was much easier for me to understand when all his friends were single. That’s what boys’ night out is all about right? Being a good wingman to your single friends at a club or a bar or what not. So what is it they do, now that they are all living with their girlfriends?

A poker night, I get. A game night, I understand. Even chilling at a bar makes sense, but please tell me, what do committed guys in their late twenties do, when they get together without their significant others? I think the guys were planning on going to a club that night and I just couldn’t understand why.. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those jealous girlfriends that don’t let their man go to clubs without them. Hell, I would understand it more if girls were going with them, then it makes sense for me that they were going to a club. I mean, imagine a group of guys dancing in a club in circle, because if they’re grinding other girls, that’s incriminating, and if they’re dancing with each other, that’s really awkward.

Not at all an uncommon sight, but imagine if these were four guys dancing this close to each other? Scandalous. So please, enlighten me. What do boys do on a boys’ night, when they are all in serious relationships?

If you guys were wondering where they went, my man kindly shared with me their whereabouts at 4:55am when he got home, far from sober. They started off at one of the guys’ house, whose girlfriend was working late that night. After a few drinks they went to a club, and yes, they really were all guys, and then they ended up at a casino which explains the 4:55am return. He came home, showered me with a hundred kisses, went on to eat everything edible in the fridge, including the box of chocolate he got me for my birthday, kissed me some more, and passed out.. I guess I should just be glad he’s a pleasant drunk? What is so fun about paying for cover to go in to a club, when dancing with anyone but a group of guys can get your girlfriend biting your head off?

And no, it’s not a double standard when it comes to girls’ night out! We genuinely go clubbing without our boyfriends because we want to dance, and we are plenty happy to dance among just us girls. Unless you are honestly trying to tell me that you boys do enjoy dancing with each other?




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