Birthday Wish.

27 02 2012

My twenty-something birthday is coming up in a few days, and I don’t quite know how I should be feeling. Usually the first few months of the year is my favourite time of the year, with Valentines, my birthday, my anniversary, and the blooming flowers, with summer just few months away. But this year, I’m not quite feeling it, at least not yet. I haven’t even made up my mind on how to celebrate it yet! So to get myself in to the spirit, I made some wish list which usually is the sign of materialistic self absorption, but since I’m not actually giving it to my friends and family, I think it makes me only a little materialistically self absorbed.

Birthday Wishes.

– a simple, but really beautiful tank top tunic. I think this is a must-have item in our closets that are usually overlooked because of its simplicity. Don’t get it confused with wife beaters, because while it is comfortable, they are not too versatile. If the material is beautiful, and it fits right on your body, I think this tank top tunic has so much potential. I can see myself wearing this with leggings, a blazer, and some really fancy necklace all the time. I can even wear it to work because the material is fancy enough for business occasions!

– a super comfortable pair of flats in the prettiest colour of the rainbow. If you have been reading my posts, you will know how crazy I am about this, and I have yet to find them and purchase them. Since I moved, I actually have zero pairs of flats with me. And as many sandals. So whenever I need to step out of the apartment briefly with no socks on, my only option is to wear my heels. Or my runners with no socks, like we’re back in the 1950s… So yes, I need flats.

– a high waisted pair of shorts in pretty colours, including black. It’s a cute look, and I can still wear my boots with them! (Did you know that was the reason I don’t wear as many jeans? Because its cold, and I need my boots to warm me up, but the jeans inside boots look is not really for me because my calves are huge). SO owning more of high waisted pair of shorts would give me a more varied look, without taking away my warmth!

– a long sleeve, short flowy dress. This is currently my favourite look, inspired by Kourtney Kardashian. I’m a sucker for boyfriend look to begin with (like boyfriend sweater, or boyfriend shirts), and this is a more sophisticated, more feminine version of that, while still being extremely comfortable. It’s sexy in a playful, classy way, and it’s so versatile because I can wear it out, or to work. I just wish I can find more of it!

– a pair of sexy heels with toe caps. I honestly have no idea what the function of toe caps are, but I like how it looks. Having the toe cap in metallic like the one here adds that futuristic feel to it, without making it look out of place.

– a colourful purse, mayyyyybe a satchel. I used to be a sucker for a pop of colour in my look (seriously, I used to take my yellow Kenneth Cole with me everywhere, and I mean everywhere!) but since I invested in some brand name bags, I started playing safe because I wanted them to be timeless, but I really miss my pop of colours!! I’m thinking either red, or again, yellow.

– a shooting star. I could really use a wish right now… And I wouldn’t mind getting that necklace too.




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