I’ve Got Your Number.

25 02 2012

The last time I read a whole book in a day was back in college; one of those last minute literature class cramming session. Fine, it wasn’t even reading, it was more of skimming.. and honestly I barely remember the name of the book, let alone what it was about. But the last time I actually read leisurely the whole book in a day, must have been back when I was in middle school… the Naughtiest Girl series by Enid Blyton (it’s actually really innocent you guys, get you mind out of the gutter!). Sure, I have read some really really great books since then, but never  in one sitting, so I think that this book I’m about to share with you is pretty special. And yes, I have realized that the reason I haven’t finished a book in one sitting since my middle school days could possibly be related to how I don’t have as much free time anymore, but that’s beside the point. Or maybe middle school books were really short?

I don’t want to give too much away since I do think that this book is fairly new, so most people might not have had the chance to read it yet, and I wouldn’t want to spoil it. I’m not exactly the follower of Sophie Kinsella (never read the Shopaholic series…) but it was new, it was all over the book store, so I gave it a try. Definitely a fun read, and for what it’s worth, I finished this book before I finished my pack of Digestive cookies, which I was munching on as I read this. And those cookies were really good too – crunchy oat and whole wheat biscuits with dark chocolate coating.

One of the guys in the book reminded me a lot of my ex boyfriend, so that was a bit of a turn off, although I’m sure the guy in the book is supposed to be much better looking. A work oriented guy who focuses more on his duty, more than people’s feelings.. Extremely arrogant (you’ll know what I mean when you read it, ESPECIALLY at the ending), and think he is somehow more entitled than other people, treating them like crap *shudders*. But other than it was good. If you are looking for a light read, I would highly recommend it.

And judging from my last post, you know I don’t recommend anything lightly!




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