Let’s Rate Everything.

23 02 2012

They say lists always make you feel better, and think better. Hopefully you’ll find this list of mine somewhat useful. Believe me, since I have discovered the joy of reviews that you can find on internet, I almost don’t buy anything now without consulting my internet first. Although I am sure many things, are just personal preferences.

Note: unless i specifically mention the brand, most of these are just opinions on the product as a whole, not as a personal attack to any brand.

1. Whole wheat pasta

I actually like most things that are better for your health, like brown rice, or whole grain bread, but whole wheat pasta, I just cannot do. They taste different, in a bad way, like cardboard, no matter what brand! I could make the best sauce in the world, but I don’t think any of them has ever made a difference to the cardboard taste of whole wheat pasta. Though if you really must treat yourself to whole wheat pasta, I have found whole wheat penne to be better than the spaghetti. In my book, they get about a C grade.

2. Hair bun maker

Are any of you familiar with this? Basically it can help your hair go from sleek pony tail to a perfect bun, without hair pin, hair net, or anything that makes your bun look unnatural. I was first introduced to this when my GM came in one day with the most beautiful curled hair. She let out her secret, and it was these babies that gave her those curls! Unfortunately my curls from them was not as pretty, hell it was actually terrible, like 10x worse than my bad hair day, so I guess you need specific type of hair for it to make pretty curls. I give it an A for hair bun, but a D for curling hair. Mind you, they only make pretty buns though, not Parisian buns.

3. Bridesmaid

First off, let me be clear that I’m not a movie person to begin with, and that this movie got a 3.5 stars review. Ya, I didn’t like it, especially after such a high reviews I got from everyone else. The plots just weren’t doing it for me, it was all over the place, and I just couldn’t feel it emotionally. Like when the bride went missing, and as a best friend, instead of checking all the places she could possibly be, she spent her afternoon trying to get the attention from a cop… Come on now, you don’t deserve to be her maid of honour if you don’t know where your bride has disappeared to. I would give it a C-.

4. Nestle’s Sundae – Caramel and Pecan

Ahmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing.. They really are. Their vanilla ice cream is so creamy like soft serve, and not like the packaged ice cream you get in stores, their caramel matches perfectly with the ice cream, and the crunchy pecans just raise this dessert to a whole new level. They really are better than the sundaes you get at ice cream parlour, and the fact that you can have this at your own home, is such a privilege. Definitely an A+ stuff!

5. Garnier Fructis Leave-In Conditioning Cream

My hair in general is okay, but I still want to make the effort for it to look better, especially at the tips. I have tried a lot of hair masks or slightly pricier hair treatment products, and none of them really made a difference for me, so I thought I should go for leave-in serum. I ended up getting this leave-in conditioner instead because it was on sale, so I gave it a try. At first, I hated it. The reason I wanted serum was because it gives that sleek finishes, but this conditioner is really obvious in your hair, it looks dry, it looks rough and it really wasn’t doing much to make my hair look healthier. But now, after like a month of using it, it’s starting to show some improvements. The secret people, is to sleep on it. I wouldn’t buy it again though. This is around a B- grade product, you really can’t beat the price!

6. New Girl

I was so excited for this show when I saw the trailer! And I really enjoyed like, the first two episodes… I’m sorry, I really wanted it to be yet another one of the shows I look forward to each week, but it didn’t do it for me.. It was slightly off, I know it’s supposed to be all cute and quirky, but it’s getting too eccentric with a lot of awkward silences where they actually expect you to laugh. I say, this is a C grade show.

7. Big Eyes Contacts

from specktra.net

No, just no. Especially those people that wear it daily, and convince themselves and everyone else in their lives that this is their natural look, absolutely not. Okay the truth is, it is their choice, if they are so unhappy with the way they look and have to rely on these contact lenses, then I’m not going to tell them they shouldn’t. It is just my humble opinion that it is not the most attractive look, nor is it the most natural look. An F for the use of this product, although I sure love this picture I found online.

8. Knorr Pasta Sauce Mix – Carbonara

I don’t give them enough credits, seriously. You know how in TV commercials, they claim that they don’t make it from scratch because packet ones are just better? Now, more often than not, that is not the case, EXCEPT WITH THIS! I kid you not, I would buy these, hide them, make them, and get creative with disposing the empty packets, because I don’t want anyone to know that my famous carbonara is actually from a packet. I mix some fresh ingredients to it yes, but honestly, I give them 99.9% of the credit. In my head that is. Take an A+, you unsung hero.

9. I hope they serve beer in hell

My bedtime story for the past few weeks. Hilarious, slightly disturbing, but a fun read that’s for sure. It is like Sex and City, from a man’s perspective with lots of uncalled for details. Not much substance, but if you are looking for a casual book to read so you don’t have to think about all the stressful stuff in real world, this is the book for you. I’m enjoying it, but would I re-read it? Most likely not, so that makes it about a B+ book.

I like number 9, so I’ll just end it here. This must be longest post I have ever written!




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