My first draft went a little like this!

17 02 2012



Actually, I don’t know if I practice what I preach. If you go back and look at some of my posts, I clearly wrote it when a storm was just starting in my head. But that’s different, this is my blog, and I think I started it in the first place because I needed a channel to vent. When it comes to important writing though, I try to be as emotionally stable as I can given the situation, because when you put too much emotion in to it, the readers will either love it, or hate it, and that is the kind of risk I am not going to take right now.

Unless you are doing a literature analysis, that is, then maybe it is good you are crying as you write it. I remember for the longest paper I ever had to write during my undergrad degree, I just went through my first ever heartbreak, and that is simply what I wrote about. It was a literature class on women’s self writing, so it wasn’t too too hard for me to incorporate heartbreaks in to it. I was even listening to those sappy music the whole time I was writing this 20 pages paper. And if you are wondering, yes, I was extremely happy with the finished product, so much that I might one day publish it. I even wanted to note on my title page to my professor that the theme song of this paper is Happy Ending by Mika.

And yes, this is my first draft for my so called important piece of writing. You know how some actors do those acting exercises before they go on stage, to get rid of their excess nerves and emotions? Something like that.

So I know Valentine’s is so 3 days ago, but I have been playing this non-stop. Really, I think this made my valentines.




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