Valentine’s Dream.

10 02 2012

How are you planning on spending Valentine’s this year?

Last year, I was somewhat heartbroken going in to 2o11, so I was almost dreading this season where people’s love and affections were put under the spotlight. I ended up having a wonderful one though, so I hope that no matter how you are feeling, whether you are single or taken, or have been married for thirty years, I hope you enjoy this day. Take that extra moment out of your day to let your friends, families, and loved ones know that you are thinking of them.

While life isn’t going too great for me right now, one thing I cannot complain is my life on the romantic front. Just yesterday, I felt so incredibly loved like I’ve never felt before, over something so insignificant in my man’s eyes. He probably has absolutely no clue how it made me feel, but the fact that he can still make me feel this way, shows that I found myself a keeper. And for that reason, I feel like I don’t really need Valentine’s day to force him to show his love to me. But you know, just for the sake of blogging, I put together an ideal Valentine’s, seriously, just for the sake of blogging!

With love.

Some choices for the outfit. I am currently loving textures in my clothes, and sequins, though not necessarily together. I think that perhaps, sequins might be too aggressive, so I opted for one that is not tight fitting, or showing too much skin. I think this would look really cute off-shoulder, with black tights and those black heels, maybe with a touch of romance in wavy curly hair.

As for the perfect gift, I would be smiling like a Chester cat if he surprises me with this:

Cupcakes by Lori & Heather.

And while we’re at it, this is how I want him to propose!!!

With a princess cut diamond ring on one of the cupcakes, of course! Do you have any proposal stories that will make us go “aww” to share? Would love to hear how you got your happily ever after!

Have a good one guys!




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