Addicted to…

9 02 2012

Peanut butter…

I know, I know, I’m about two decades late, but you can’t honestly tell me you haven’t miss your childhood delicacy at all!

I already had both of these.

Yes, both of them TODAY. Well actually in the past few hours……….. It’s okay, I had a banana too so my heart attack will be delayed by a little.  Feeling like a pig? Absolutely. Completely satisfied? Without a doubt.

Peanut butter is also amazing for baking, and here are some of the recipes I would love to try when I get a chance!

Peanut butter and jelly cupcakes (obviously cupcakes make the list)

Chocolate peanut butter parfait

Hershey kiss peanut butter cookies (perfect for Valentines!)

Black bottom peanut butter mousse pie




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