Quick and Easy Recipe – BBQ Shredded Chicken.

7 02 2012

I was craving some BBQ ribs the other day, but we didn’t have any at hand, so I settled for some chicken, which happened to be the only meat that was defrosted in the fridge. Now, of all the proteins out there, chicken must be my least favourite (unless they’re in the form of crispy fried chicken or wings), so I thought long and hard on how to make this work. And by long and hard, I meant the few mins between the time I put down my book, and when I fell asleep the night before.

This is such an easy recipe, that you might wonder why am I even calling this a recipe, but it photographed well so I just wanted to share that!

Step 1. I boiled the chicken breast. For the sake of having the shredded consistency so I could potentially fool myself that it’s shredded pork or something. I must have boiled it for at least an hour, but the longer you do, the easier the chicken will break down, hence the easy shredding. I boiled it with few cloves of garlic, salt and pepper, some consomme, and those poultry seasoning rub for that extra flavour. I “shredded” the chicken merely with just a spoon, poking and chopping(?) it, so that’s the beauty of boiling them down first.

Step 2. I drained the chicken, drizzled some olive oil in it, and fried it in a hot pan. If it gets too dry, I add some of the stock from step 1, or just water if you already threw that away. I seasoned it with more salt and pepper, more poultry seasoning, and eventually some barbecue sauce. I wanted it to be slightly crispy so I let it stay in the hot pan fairly long, with additional drizzle of olive oil here and there. And voila, enjoy!

I used one boneless and skinless chicken breast, and it was good for like four meals. It’s great because it’s so versatile, I had it in my salad, I had it in my omelette, and I had it with random vegetables and eggs. I think it would be great with pasta too but the boyfriend already ate it as its fourth meal by the time I got home (and he loved it!), so I guess pasta will have to wait for the next batch. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!





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